Thursday, August 27, 2015

RCBC Bankard introduces new design with EMV chip technology

Ms. Angela Mirasol,Vice President and Marketing Group Head for RCBC Bankard showing the new card design
RCBC Bankard Services Corporation is set to present the new design of the RCBC Bankard credit cards.  The new design features 4 wave vectors and hexagons lining the top and bottom portion of the EMV chip embedded credit cards.
“As we start converting to EMV cards, it very opportune for us to introduce a new card design, which conveys the exceptional benefits our cardholders get from their RCBC Bankard.” said Ms. Angela Mirasol, Vice President and Marketing Group Head for RCBC Bankard.
Ms. Angela Mirasol
The four wave vectors represent better budget management, a rewarding credit card experience, world class travel privileges, and secure shopping, both in-stores and online.
RCBC Bankard prides itself in developing award-winning budget management tools including the Spend Monitor, a free SMS alert feature that informs the cardholders once they are about to reach their predefined monthly budget.  Spend Analyzer, which summarizes the cardholders’ monthly and year-to-date spending according to categories.  Unli 0%, which allows cardholders to convert their straight purchases to three months 0% installment, by simply calling RCBC Bankard’s Customer Service number.
It also boasts of a rewarding credit card experience through its most flexible rewards program that allows the cardholders to shift from earning points, to earning AIRMILES, to getting cash rebates.  Recently, it also introduced the All-in Rewards Program, which allows cardholders to earn points from partner establishments on top of the points that they earn from their card’s rewards program.  RCBC Bankard partner establishments include Petron, Figaro, Angel’s Pizza, Florsheim, Jellybean, Folded & Hung, Naturalizer, and the Cravings Group.
RCBC Bankard also provides a luxurious travel experience for its cardholders with its top-of-the-line travel privileges across all card brands.  They can call concierge service for info that they may need when travelling abroad, and relax at the luxurious Miascor lounge at NAIA 1 while waiting for their flight.  Further, it comes with a free travel insurance and Purchase Protection Insurance for unforeseen events.

On top of all of these, cardholders can enjoy heightened security with EMV technology. Unlike the traditional magnetic stripe feature, EMV chips randomly generate unique codes in every transaction, making it more challenging to duplicate and use. On the other hand, for online shopping, the solution lies in the ShopSecure feature which allows cardholders to nominate their online Personal Identification Number (PIN).  Alternatively, they can get a Webshopper, a reference device specifically for online shopping.


RCBC Bankard Services Corporation issues and manages the RCBC Bankard portfolio in behalf of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, one of Philippines largest private universal banks.  RCBC and RCBC Bankard Services Corporation are members of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC), a conglomerate composed of close to 60 companies across a wide spectrum of industries including banking, insurance, education, real estate, construction, information technology, energy resources, advertising, and more.

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