Friday, August 7, 2015

Stephany, Laurence team up for New Placenta brigade

Studies revealed that aging starts as early as age 23. Aging is brought about by both internal and external factors. Internal factors include poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, and stress. External factors, on the other hand refer to pollution, exposure to sunlight, and free radicals.
Ms. Stephany Stefanowitz, Mr. Jim Acosta and Mr. Laurence Mossman
Psalmstre’s New Placenta is on the guard. Miss Earth-Air 2012 Stephany Stefanowitz and singer-model-actor Laurence Mossman, New Placenta endorser and brand ambassador respectively, team up to bring awareness and education about early signs of aging and their solutions.
Stephany and Laurence bring it closer to the people via New Placenta promo tour, a brigade that introduces and educates men and women ages twenty and above, the benefits of the New Placenta with Advanced Placenta-Care Formula.
The promo tours are held on selected Mercury Drug outlets nationwide. Aside from introducing the magical benefits of New Placenta, the tour also aims to step up the branding of the beauty product and, at the same time, build rapport with the the staff and customers of Mercury Drug.
Despite her busy schedule, Stephany always finds time to fulfill her duties as New Placenta endorser and image model. “I use the product myself. It does wonders to my skin. It has the capacity of slowing down the signs of aging by fighting free radicals found in the environment and rejuvenating the skin cells. My skin is now perfectly moisturized. That’s why New Placenta has always been in my bag every time I go out. This is what I want to share with women. So I really have to personally talk to them during our store visits,” explained the ageless-looking beauty queen.
Meanwhile, Laurence also finds time to go with Stephany in promo tours because he believes in the power of their tandem. “We easily get along well with each other. Because of this we are effective at educating the customers about the real benefits they can get from New Placenta. It is a complete package, since Stephany talks to women and I talk to men. We have become natural examples of individuals whose beautiful skin is protected by New Placenta,” he said.
Indeed, the two are a perfect pair for New Placenta MDC promo tour. Laurence said that promo tour is filled with fun and added that it is both play and work rolled into one. Stephany, for her part, thanked Psalmstre’s top honcho Sir Jim Acosta for making this tandem possible.
Incidentally, Laurence has been invited to perform regularly at the Resorts World Manila every Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Along with the group PRIMO, Laurence performs classical, pop, and ballad songs.
Stephany and Laurence just proved that there really is a need to get closer to the customers and let them know that New Placenta does not just promise to guard the skin because it really works. There are no better testimonials than the Stephany-Laurence tandem, proving that New Placenta is the right anti-aging skincare for men and women.

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