Sunday, September 20, 2015

"Adventures of Maryang Pinay" first exhibiton at SM Megamal Galerie Y from Sept. 16-30, 2015

With the Artist Ms. Pamela Gotangco (right)

Zurich-based artist Pamela Gotangco revisits her Filipino roots with the unveiling of new works that focus on the juxtaposition between traditional portrayal Filipino women, and contemporary icons in this age of social networking.

A Bachelor of Arts in Communication graduate from Miriam College, Philippines, Pamela is an advocate of alternative communication through relevant artistic media.

"I believe in expressing one's thoughts -- however momentous, insignificant, or random they may be to the world -- through artwork, and I find painting to be the most compelling," says Gotangco, who characterizes her style as figurative, fun, feminine and arbitrary, oftentimes bordering on socio-political commentary.
Gotangco's paint "Kalinga kay Koonz"

A proponent of equal opportunity for women, she also draws insights from the role of women in our present society. Working in layers, she incorporates motifs drawn from the people around her, which reflect in her latest works. Her main focus is to engage the viewer to sense a connection in her subject matter and provoke discussion.

Gotangco mixes such serious musings with both subtle humor and jarring pop-culture references in her works. Her latest collection, which will debut in Manila in an upcoming exhibition at the Galerie Y, centers on the traditional Filipina figure ('Maryang Pinay') set against either iconic figures from different art epochs or commercial brands that are popular among Filipinos.  The result is a harmonious dialogue between Filipino culture, traditions and way of life, and the joys and trials of being a Filipina in the 21st century, but
always with a sense of humor and wonder.
Gotangco's paint "Selfie Stick"

Gotangco invites and appropriates iconic figures, past masters and modern brands into her works, inviting them and their contributions -- as well as that of the viewers’ -- to appreciate, accept and question, or dismiss and agonize over, our preconceived notions of what it means to be Filipina in the age of social media. It is also her homage to defining characteristics of the Filipino people: hospitality and humor.

Born in the Philippines but now based in Zurich, Gotangco’s works have been well received in Switzerland and abroad.  In 2012, Saatchi Online included one of her works in the major initiative, “100 Curators 100 Days”, which recognized 1,000 contemporary artists for their outstanding works.  Gotangco’s achievements now span several continents, with numerous digital displays of her work in iconic locations, such as Times Square New York in 2012; participation in art fairs, such as Art International Zurich in 2014; and exhibitions in famous galleries and several solo and group shows in Basel and Zurich.  Currently some of her pieces are on display in Art 333 Gallery Zurich and Der Teufelhof Art Hotel Basel. International collectors have already acquired her works in the short span of half a decade, owing to the wide appeal of her works.

Previous and current exhibitions and displays:

·          Group Show, Art 333 Galerie, Wadenswil Switzerland, April 7, 2015 to June 15, 2015
·          Group Show, Front of Bicycle, Gallery Katapult, Opening April 24, 2015
·          Contemporary Art International Zurich, Kongresshaus Zurich, October 16th-19th, 2014
·          Solo Show, Asian Festival, Seedamm Plaza Hotel, Pfaffikon, Switzerland, October 27 to February 15, 2015
·          Group Show, Front of Bicycle, Basel Art Center, Switzerland, September 26- 29, 2014
·          Group Show, Front of Bicycle, Jan Kossen Gallery, Basel Switzerland, May 14 - 18, 2014
·          Digital Show, The Story of the Creatives,    16-19 Jackson AVE, Long Island City, New York 11101, USA, July 25th to September 10, 2013
·          Solo Show,    Hotel Bistro zum Güggibueb, Vilmergen, Argau, Switzerland, April 27 to May 27, 2013
·          Curated, Spring Fever, Rebecca Wilson, Saatchi Gallery Online,  Director of Saathci Gallery, London, March 2013
·          Group Show, Natur ist kunst, Kunst ist Natur, Art 333 Galerie, Wadenswill, Zurich, January 18, 2013 to March , 2013
·           Public Art Show, TBWA/Pro Juventute Advents Calendar, TBWA Building, Seefeld Zurich, December 2-25, 2012
·          Curated, The Art of Love, Saatchi Online Gallery, by Rebecca Wilson, Director Saatchi Gallery Online, December 2012
·          Digital Display, Scope, Art Basel Miami, USA, December 5, 2012
·          Group Show, Markante Köpfe, Art 333 Gallery, Wadenswill, Switzerland, November 3, 2011 to January 2012
·          Charity Participation/Display, Dragon Project- benefit for Japan, Paris College of Art, 14 Rue Letellier, Paris, France, October 18-27, 2012
·          Curated, 100 Days 100 Curator Project, Saatchi Online Gallery, by Mirjam Varadinis, Zurich Kunsthaus Art Historian and Curator, July 18, 2012
·          Digital Display, Art Takes Times Square, New York, USA, June 18, 2012
·          Main Artist in a group show, Alte Bekannte Neue Entdecke, Art 333 Gallery, Wadenswil, Switzerland, May 2012 to September1, 2012
·          Display, Artecorum Gallerie, Neumrkt 21, Niederdorf, Zurich, March 2012 to December 1, 2012
·          Featured Artist, RF Mouse Design, Bodino Spain Catalogue 2012
·          Featured Artist,  Ipad Skin- Coral Sea Design, Bodino Spain Catalogue 2011
·          Display, Kempinsky Hotel Geneva,    Association, Philippine International Gala, November 2010
·          Spring Frolic,  ApART GrünKulturCafe- Zurich, April – June 2010

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