Monday, November 30, 2015

Little Lights: Finalist of MMFF Animation Category

“Little Lights” is a story about being born with a lack of light. It shows what happens when we, as individuals and as a community, discover what it means to be empowered by our differences and similarities. A physically weak but strong-minded firefly named Charlie is forced to face his fears. Charlie struggles, not only to overcome his fear of darkness, but also to find his place in his discord-riddled firefly community. But, in spite of his own weaknesses and the indifference of his fellow fireflies, Charlie sets out to become stronger, eventually leading his loved ones to safety when danger arises.

Told using a combination of unique visual and musical artistry, Little Lights aims to inspire others to find their own light and to not be afraid to share it. The passion project that started with two artists, Rivelle Mallari and Regie Espiritu, who envisioned telling a story by combining the art of animation and a musical scoring.
Now, the Animation film is made available again to be seen in selected theatre this December. (Pls. see screening details below)

About the Director:
Rivelle Mallari is a magna cum laude graduate of University of the Philippines Diliman in Bachelor in Arts in Film and Audio Visual Communication. Ever since, she loves arts specifically animated films.

About the MMDA New Wave Section
Mr. Emerson Carlos, Chairman of MMDA, supports the MMFF’s New Wave Section and believes that this will create a venue for promising filmmakers to showcase their creativity and their talents. Now on its third year, the Animation Category of the MMFF New Wave is continuous in its support of the thriving art of animated filmmaking in the Philippine film industry. Its objective is to cater and recognize the country's pool of talents in producing animated works that reflect not only the technical prowess of artist, but also their creativity in telling stories through visual narratives.

MMFF New Wave 2015 will run from December 17 to 24 at SM Megamall, Glorietta 4, and Robinsons Place Manila. 
Buy your tickets now: to avail it thru their contact person Patricia Cabredo - 0927 2222697

For more details:

Screening details:

ATC Evening Primrose: No more PMS worries

At some point in your life, you will meet a woman who snaps irrationally, craves uncontrollably and shops like mad, once in every month. This usually happens a week or two before their period and the science behind it - premenstrual syndrome or PMS. Study suggests that for 1 in 20 women, PMS is intense enough to cause disruption to the quality of their life, resulting to misunderstanding  with their loved ones. Though PMS can sometimes be mistaken with anxiety or depression, it can be identified by its symptoms such as mood swings, loss of confidence, being emotional and irritable. What makes this worse is that women also undergo physical struggles such as headaches, migraines, abdominal bloating, breast tenderness and even asthma. PMS may be a monthly battle women learned to live with but you can always look for back up – ATC Evening Primrose.

ATC Evening Primrose relieves premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and breast tenderness associated with the menstrual cycle. ATC Evening Primrose also helps alleviate hot flashes caused by menopause and reduces symptoms of eczema and dermatitis. Also, be reminded that ATC Evening Primrose is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat the symptoms of any disease.

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QUEZON Filipino & Spanish Buffet in Quezon City

Gruppo Guevarras Inc. (GGI) has opened its doors in Quezon City aptly named Quezon buffet.
Carrying GGI’s vision, Quezon Buffet undoubtedly exudes with high caliber dishes at very affordable rates. Quezon showcased variety of gastronomic fares that will surely suit everyone’s palates. It merges the comforts of home and gourmet delicacies by catering our country’s cuisines. Nestled in the heart of Quezon Avenue, Quezon buffet carries an ambiance of an old-world charm and rustic appeal.  GGI upholds their commitment in reminding the general public especially the younger generations about our county’s greatest heroes; as well as preserving our culture through local cuisines.

Quezon Buffet, a place like home, exudes a classy vibe, from its spacious fa├žade, soft lightings, to minimalist interiors of black and white tones. The woodworks and sparkling chandeliers – blends the antiquated with cosmopolitan and classic, as well as the convenience of modern life. The walls are well-themed with photos of President Quezon through the years, giving customers a nostalgic ambiance. It gives a convenient and cozy vibe as the dishes are arranged per station and are neatly presented. The whole place can accommodate close to 200 pax with spacious function rooms that can accommodate 30-35 persons, respectively.

Complementing the dishes, the place is satisfying as the service is generally noble. Their service staff are nice
and friendly, accompanying customers from the front lobby up to their seats. They depict one of the good traits of every Filipino, which is being hospitable to guests. Resembling President Manuel Quezon whose name will always be in the hearts of every Filipino, Quezon Buffet is the epitome of this man by serving finest and mouthwatering dishes and yet very affordable price across the board. The extraordinary experience of tasting distinct local flavors will surely worth a visit. Just like in any traditional fiesta or festivity, Quezon truly offers a mixed dining experience for all ages!

Savour your appetite
Quezon is being developed as haven for delectable cuisines that every Filipino would crave for.
Highlighting Filipino-Spanish heritage that embodies classic food that includes roasting stations, various meat dishes, seafood, grains and noodles, fresh salads, flavorful soups and dessert selections. 
Much of the inspiration behind this effort came from their collective ideas to acknowledge the deep historical connection during President Quezon’s era, and this is through sustainable cooking of exquisite dishes. Here are some of their noteworthy specialties that will make you come back for more.

Lechon Baka
Regarded as the centerpiece in Quezon, Lechon Baka is a savory meat roasted to perfection served with its special sauce. This classic entree is so tender to bite and rich in flavor. This one will surely win the hearts of diners across all ages.

Seafood lovers will take delight in this Shrimp dish, Gambas, a recognizable entree in Filipino-spanish cuisine. “Gambas” in Spanish pertains to prawns and is considered being both appetizer and a main dish. Quezon highlighted the versatility of this dish with a marriage of sweet, salty, and spicy concoction.

This raved Ilocano cuisine contains boiled and grilled pig parts such as the ears, face and liver which carries a spicy sour taste that soothes your hungry appetite.

Hailed as the king of every spanish gathering, Paella is a mixture of rice with seafood and vegetables served in a typical flat pan from Mediterranean Spanish Coast. Here in Quezon, it is traditionally cooked with homemade fresh broth that will gratify your hunger .

Salad with Pako
This salad gives a whole new twist as it includes Pako which is an edible fiddlehead ferns that is very popular in Baler, Aurora – where President Quezon was born. This fresh salad is served with varieties of sauces giving a flavourful tongue-teaser.

Turon with Langka
Turon is one of the popular desserts catered in the Philippines. Quezon preserves its traditional way by wrapping the saba in lumpia wrappers with a twist of langka syrup on the side.

Frozen Brazo
One of their signature desserts, this local favorite right smack the craving of your sweet tooth. This fluffy sliced cake is a combination of meringue and sweet chewy custard fillings.
This will absolutely be a perfect sweet treat with a rich and cool taste that everybody will love.

Celebrity Chef behind Quezon
Corporate chef Kalel Chan is the chef behind various fine-dining and high-end restaurants.

Considered as one of the Top 10 good-looking chef, Kalel is surprisingly charming and down to earth. He goes for innovative fusion cooking that adds creativeness to his masterpieces.
Chef Kalel is always eager to discover new trends in culinary industry and adapts them in his food creations.
He is conservative with local taste when it comes to his favorite food, which happens to be the all-time Filipino favorite Adobo.
He has envisioned Quezon as a place where guests can experience a historic vibes through the food they serve.  To elevate the local food scene, Chef Kalel emphasizes the use of Fresh local ingredients into appetizing dishes.
Apart from creating delectable dishes, Chef Kalel is also an expert in food carvings which is one of Quezon’s distinctive offerings.


Honda RS150 Motor Red

The world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, is now introducing another exciting motorcycle one after the other in the Philippine market.  From the most technologically advance Scooters with Smart Engines to the most powerful Sports Engine in its class. After several months of speculation, Honda has finally presented the All New Honda RS150. This Honda newest Sports Bike is equipped with a New Generation 150cc Liquid-cooled DOHC 6-speed engine, born out of Honda Racing DNA with class leading advance technology.

In its official public launch in this year’s Inside Racing Grand Prix (IRGP) event held at Carmona Racing Circuit, Mr. Daiki Mihara, Honda Philippines, Inc. President and Mr. Noriaki Abe of Asian Honda, Chief Operating Officer of Asia & Oceana Region of Honda Motor Japan, announces Honda’s commitment in delivering the most exciting Honda product for the New Generation. This time, not only that Honda has introduced in the Philippines Honda Smart Engines for Scooter or Automatic models but now our New Generation of Filipino Sports Motorcycle Enthusiast can enjoy the All New Honda RS150 with Powerful Sports Engine. This is just the beginning of another Gen-S story to come hinted by the two top Honda executives.

The All New RS150 is an answer to young generation customers who are looking for freedom of high performance on sporty and sharply designed bike with class leading technology, specifications, and features explained by Mr. Elie Salamangkit Jr., Honda Product Planning Manager.  To ensure the best handling possible, Honda’s Philosophy in developing sports motorcycle was applied wherein “Rider can control engine power in any circumstances… exactly when needed and as much as needed” or “Control at Riders’  Will”.

Design, Frame and Engine synergy is what made this newest Honda motorcycle special. The bike design reflects aggressive new generation styling with sharp looking body and boasts attractive features from latest Super sports. Giving pride to the rider is its sharp wedge shape and innovative and edgy surface treatment not to mention its class leading features of LED Headlight, Fully Integrated Digital Meter Panel, Rear and Big Diameter Front Disc Brakes, Aluminum Cast Wheel, Clamped handle bar, Tubeless tires, and Rear Monoshock absorber among others.

The frame which holds the motorcycle was designed with high agility and safety in mind. The frame and chassis delivers agile and responsive control, very suitable for city streets made possible by its agile 45 degrees steering handle, compact dimension wheelbase of 1275mm plus the application of new strong twin-tube type sports frame which is designed to be safe at high speed and quick acceleration.

 The engine performance has the best acceleration in its class, but still fuel efficient by application of wide variety of friction reduction technologies producing maximum power of 11.8KW (16.0 PS) at 9,000 rpm. The new generation engine especially designed for Southeast Asia including the Philippines has the following characteristics:

Flexible output characteristics that enable fun riding in a wide range of riding situations. Improved fuel efficiency performance. Remarkable level of comfort enabling the rider to experience a high-grade feel
Exterior design with functional beauty that evokes the sophisticated mechanism Honda dares customer to test it and discover real power that you can handle.

Finally, the all new RS150 is environment friendly with its Euro-3 compliant emission and safety is still Honda’s top most priority with the installation of Bank Angle sensor that increases rider’s safety by automatic engine turn-off during accidental crash or fall.

Honda RS150 Motor Black
The IRGP crowd was further treated by actual show-off run of All New RS150 in the race track with its three exciting colors, Black, Winning Red and Space Magenta Metallic as special color which will all be available in Honda Shops nationwide.

Excited with this latest news about Honda motorcycles? Find out more about Gen-S stories, visit their website at or visit or contact the local dealer nearest you!


Time to relax and enjoy, let yourself pampered at DERMCARE. Taking care of your facial, Hair & Spa and their new services that is very relaxing and offer a rejuvenating feeling after the treatment.

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ATC Grape Seed Oil is an all-natural extract containing “Oligomeric Procyanidin”, an antioxidant 50 times more potent than Vitamin E, and 20 times stronger than Vitamin C. This antioxidant has the ability to protect our bodies against free radicals which damage cells, allowing us to have healthier and more radiant skin.

Not like before plastic surgery is a practice done in secrecy but now, its increasing popularity resulted into a widespread acceptance of the procedure. Majority of our local celebrities can be seen looking as if they are not aging but not everyone can afford plastic surgery, or willing to go through it, a natural and an affordable solution? A supplement that works from the inside out, packed with ingredients that keep the skin radiant and fresh – ATC Grape Seed Oil.

ATC Grape Seed Oil also helps in providing relief against pain and swelling caused by conditions like rheumatoid arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory products and contains proanthocyanidins, which are very potent antioxidants that help in diminishing the sun's damaging effects and lessen free radical damage.
However, ATC Grape Seed Oil is not a medicinal drug and should not be used to treat the symptoms of any disease.

ATC Grape Seed Oil is to be taken 2 to 3 times a day, or as prescribed by your doctor.ATC Grape Seed Oil is SRP P7.00 per capsule, available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Holiday Weight Gain It’s already yuletide season and aside from all the holiday gifts that people are too excited to receive, there is one more thing that makes them thrilled and giddy up: the seemingly endless food feast. Christmas parties, Noche Buena, Simbang Gabi food trips and Media Noche—all these complete our holiday celebration. But if you’re worrying about gaining weight, you can always give in because there’s REdoXfat to help you out.

RedoXfat is a weight-loss food supplement which  contains 350 mg of Green Tea Extract and 150 mg of L-Carnitine. RedoXfat’s component, L-Carnitine, is known to be effective in weight loss as it transforms the fatty acids in the body into sources of energy, thereby fueling you enough for the day.

Meanwhile, RedoXfat is also equipped with Green Tea Extract which, aside from its fat-burning quality, it is also known to be an effective antioxidant as it is 200x more potent than Vitamin E in fighting free radicals in the body. 

RedoXfat lowers (fats) and helps increase energy which results to burning fat fast for speedier results. RedoXfat also helps in strengthening our muscles for easier physical activities, cleansing and detoxifying our body, reducing stress levels, boosting of our immune system, and improves digestion.

RedoXfat is SRP P16.00 per capsule, available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. Slim down, chin up with RedoXfat.

Daniel Padilla as the face of the new Gen-S motorcycles of Honda Philippines, Inc.

Daniel headlines as the newest endorser of the latest innovative breed of Honda motorcycles—Generation Smart (Gen-S). His latest exciting venture aims to further influence today’s youth, this time to make the same smart choices on the road, through riding with Honda motorcycles. Showcasing better fuel-efficiency, road safety and eco-friendly features, the Honda motorcycles are perfect for the diverse personalities of the emerging generation of smart riders. “Proud ako na mapiling endorser ng Honda Gen-S motorcycles. Hindi lang kasi sa porma dapat maganda, pati na rin sa features—matipid, eco-friendly, at safe sa kalsada. ‘Pag smart rider ka, dito ka sa Honda Gen-S motorcycles,” Padilla said.

Designed for the young Filipino’s varying needs and lifestyles, the Beat-Fi “Let Your Beat Out”, Click 125i “Join the Evolution”, and Zoomer-X “I.Am.Unstoppable” are all equipped with the Honda Smart Technology, a unique set of revolutionary features suited for the Gen-S, to enhance and create positive impacts in their everyday life. Among the three motorcycles, his personal favourite is the Honda Zoomer-X for its real naked, tough, and durable design concept that goes with a fuel-efficient 110cc engine for a cleaner combustion and higher torque power.

Perhaps the most important features of the Honda Smart Technology, the Enhanced Smart Power (eSP), Idling Stop System (ISS), and Combined Break System (CBS) encompass fuel-efficiency, eco-friendliness, and road safety, suited for every Gen-S rider. The eSP is known for its advancement in engine technology that ensures superior engine power and improved fuel mileage, while the ISS automatically switches off the motorcycle’s engine after three (3) seconds of idling (ideal for any traffic situation), and the CBS activates both rear and front breaks for a greater and safer stopping power.

All these features in the latest Honda motorcycles are preferred by Gen-S riders as well as Daniel himself.
“Pare-parehong importante ‘yung features ng Smart Technology, pero gusto ko talaga ‘yung Idling Stop System kasi nakakapahinga ‘yung makina ng motorsiklo, tipid pa sa gas lalo na kung trapik,” Padilla shared. For Daniel, there’s no other choice than the Honda Gen-S motorcycles. “Dito na tayo sa merong Smart Technology! Hindi ba mas maganda ‘pag tipid sa gas, eco-friendly, at safe? Sa mga hindi pa Gen-S riders, ride with us na!”

The Generation S or Gen-S is a group of people who are smart and sensible—those who value practicality, technological innovation with style. All these expectations are met by the core concept of Smart Technology, which has been the cutting edge of Honda Philippines, Inc. in the Motorcycle Industry.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

AjiPanda Best Day Ever!

Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) is an affiliate of Tokyo-based Ajinomoto Co., Inc. and lives by its promise to provide consumers products that will always give delicious taste to healthy and nutritious meals as embodied in APC’s slogan Ajinomoto “Eat Well, Live Well.”  APC’s products include AJINO-MOTO Umani Seasoning, Ajinomoto Brand Ginisa Flavor Seasoning Mix, Ajinomoto Brand Chicken Powder, PORKSAVOR All-in-One Seasoning Mix, CRISPY FRY Breading Mix, CRISPY FRY Seasoned Crumbs, TASTY BOY All Purpose Breading Mix, AJI-SHIO Seasoning Mix and “amino Fres-C” Instant Drink Mix. Recently Ajimoto hosted a press conference dubbed as “AjiPanda Best Day Ever!” and the event highlighted the launch of AjiPanda icon, information sharing on umami and monosodium glutamate (MSG) and the contract renewal of Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo as the brand endorser of AJINO-MOTO Umami Seasoning.

At the presscon (L-R): Frances M. Tan, MD, Roann L. Co and Celeste B. Tanchoco, RND, MPH, Ph D.
Roann Co, Ajinomoto’s Marketing Department Head, explains “AjiPanda personifies a humble pack or bottle of AJINO-MOTO Umami Seasoning as an ever-reliable way of bringing out the natural deliciousness of food. AjiPanda fills the role of ‘Your Best Friend in the Kitchen’ helping you work wonders in your cooking so that you can share many happy meals with your family.” Dr. Frances Tan, a medical doctor with specialization in General Pediatrics, and a subspecialty in Allergy and Immunology, was invited to impart basic facts about umami and monosodium glutamate. She explained that umami is the 5th basic taste that allows people to enjoy the delicious taste in food. It is also described as “savory” or “malinamnam”. The source of this umami taste is glutamate. Glutamate is a non-essential amino acid that naturally occurs in food like tomatoes and cheeses and can be found in salt form through monosodium glutamate.
Scientific evidences from credible institutions like the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nation’s Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (UN JECFA), were presented to affirm the safely of MSG for general consumption. Dr. Celeste Tanchoco, a veteran in the field of nutrition, was also present to shed light about the role of glutamate in nutrition.

Lastly, Ms. Kathryn Bernardo graced the event for the contract renewal as brand endorser of AJINO-MOTO. According to Kathryn, she finds cooking for her family very rewarding. She would love for the new generation of cooks to experience the joys of home-cooking with her new best friend in the kitchen – AjiPanda.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bumper to Bumper XI to be held on Dec. 5-6 at the SM MOA Concert Grounds

Bumper to Bumper, the longest-running car show and automotive lifestyle event. Now on its 11th year, the multi-event happening features the biggest production setup in any car show in Asia. Bumper to Bumper XI is presented by, Total Excellium, PenserQ Multimedia Company, Repsol Motor Oils, No Fear Apparel, Task Us, SM Mall of Asia, and Chevrolet Philippines, among others.
According to Jonathan Chio, CEO of Ladder Events Production, "Filipinos love car shows because we can
relate to the cars we see. It is always a delight for us to see so many nice cars in one place. You can always see the excitement in people's eyes when they are in a car show and you also know deep inside that they feel inspired—that one day, they will also have these upgrades or these kind of rides in their garage". Chio furthers, "Bumper to Bumper Car Show is like a theme park of sorts, a theme park for car enthusiasts. We have a wide array of vehicles on display, we have full blown entertainment to fill in your time, and we have unique activities all the time during the event. There are so many things B2B has done to our market. A lot of shops that does not have big budgets for bigger shows were known to have started in our car shows. We have given work opportunities to our car show models. Our event has served as a playground for aspiring photographers and bloggers. But more importantly, a lot of long lasting-friendships were born in our events".

Since 2005, Bumper to Bumper (B2B) has been bringing the car show not only to Manila but to 10 key cities, including Baguio, Batangas, Cebu, Davao, General Santos, Iloilo, Laguna, La Union, Pampanga, and Pangasinan. It is the only local car show known to do so, in its pursuit to bring the best of the best automotive mods across the Philippines. The event usually attracts a crowd of 70,000 car enthusiasts and spectators. This year promises to be bigger and better. Activities include a two-division (Pro and Street category) car show competition, off-road vehicle display competition, engine roar competition, drive-in movie, dance showdown, concert, and Sneaker Fever Manila for those who love kicks.

Exciting events to look forward to in 2016 include the B2B Car Show Sinulog in January; "Hot Import Nights V Manila” to be held at Metro Tent, Metrowalk on April 23 and 24; “Hot Import Nights Davao” to be held at The Peak in Davao City; and the first-ever Race Wars Unlimited Philippines.

(For more information, visit

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

1st RAWR Awards for Local movie and TV stars at Meralco Theater

First ever RAWR Awards on Thursday, December 10, 2015 at the Meralco Theater in Pasig City and it’s going to be a night of glitz and glamor as movie and TV stars, media personalities, and fans come together. Hosted by LionhearTV, the leading local sourve of breaking entertainment news and hottest showbiz stories, the best and the brightest names in the business will be there as they compete for numerous awards and join the distinguished roster of RAWR awardees. To be determined by the fans, local stars will be vying for the 7 major Lion Awards, the 7 minor Cub Awards, and the 2 special Pride Awards.

The Lion Awards include the Trending Love Team of the Year, Celebrity of the Year, and Breakthrough Artist of the Year. Categories in the Cubs Awards include the Fan Club of the Year, Viral Video of the Year, and the Online Influencer of the Year. Meanwhile, the Favorite TV and Radio Station will be honored in the Pride Awards. Fans will be given a month to cast their votes online at the LionhearTV website ( and on Facebook. They can vote once a day for their favorite stars in different categories. Voting will officially start on the first week of November 2015 and end on the same month.

RAWR – which stands for Remarkable, Admirable and Well-Known R-tist- is a project of LionhearTV – a site founded and managed by popular blogger MC Richard Paglicawan. Paglicawan who is also the brains behind The Dailypedia ( The RAWR Awards is part of LionhearTV’s way of celebrating its sevent year anniversary and giving it back to the fans. Committed to bringing “your daily dose of entertainment”, LionhearTV is the trusted online source of local entertainment news. It has close to a million Facebook followers, garners over 230,000 hits per day, and reached a milestone of over 9 million hits per month last September. On Facebook, it has close to 2 million engagements per week. LionhearTV is also included in the list of Top 10 Philippine blogs and the Top 2 local entertainment and celebrity blogs of

For more information on the RAWR Awards, visit the LionhearTV website, or contact Serge Gabriel, marketing officer, at 09178427452 or Cheryl True, LionhearTV online editor, at 09277637488.

Philippine Payroll Software partners with ZKTEco and Dell

Mustard Seed ensures it’s continuous commitment to deliver the best service to help business grow with partnerships from world class brands like ZKTEco and Dell. ZKTEco, is one of the largest providers of Biometric devices which is integrated into Mustard Seed System’s Philippine Payroll Software and  has become a well-recognized, respected and sought after brand in the security and biometric industries.While Dell’s excellent workstations, servers, desktops and laptops are ideal for the specifications needed to implement the system.  Dell Servers in particular are ideal to keep your payroll reports and records backed up in a secure environment, while their workstations are idea for those who are involved in implementing the payroll system. Besides this partnership commitment it also gives free training and workshops to companies to equip them with capabilities to run their business better

“Latest Innovations in Human Resource Management Solution Powered by ZKTEco,” will be the latest among the free info sessions hosted by Mustard Seed.  It wil,be on December 2, 2015 at Paseo Premiere Hotel, Diamond Hall A Function Room, Paseo De Sta Rosa, Sta Rosa Laguna.Topics are Taxes on Compensation, Dell Hardware Solution and Modern Innovations in Payroll Processing.

If you are interested you can confirm your attendance at or call 535-7333 local 147 and look for Ms.Pau Dimaculangan.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Four Awards from The Asset for PNB and PNB Capital

Last October 30, 2015 The Philippine National Bank (PNB) and PNB Capital and Investment Corporation (PNB Capital) achieved international recognition in lending and loan arrangement when the institution won four awards from the recently concluded The Asset Triple A Asia Infrastructure Awards 2015 held at the Island Shangri-la Hong Kong. The Asset for the following deals: Best Project Finance Deal of the Year, for the Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 PhP31 Billion project finance syndicated term loan facility; Best Transport Deal, Philippines, for the same Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 project; Best Transport Deal – Highly Commended, Philippines, for the GMR Megawide Cebu Airport Corporation PhP23.3 Billion financing facility; and Best Power Deal, Philippines, for the Pagbilao Energy Corporation PhP33.3 Billion project financing facility.

The Asset Triple A Awards are Asia’s defining recognition for excellence in the industry. This reputation has been built upon the stringent methodology, combind with the rigorous approach to the selection of the winners of the coveted Triple A. Awards obtained by the PNB Group is a testament to the bank’s commitment and dedication in offering competitive financing structures to clients while contributing to the development of the country.  To represent the PNB Group in the awarding ceremony, Gerry B. Valenciano, the President & CEO of PNB Capital is shown in the photo receiving the award from The Asset’s Editor-in-Chief Daniel Yu.

Press Release - REDEFINING BUFFET: Manila Pavilion's Palate

SEASONS, Manila Pavilion Hotel and Casino's lifestyle restaurant re-launches a vast wide array of buffet spread welcoming the holiday season. Celebrating its first holiday dinner for Php 999 every Friday and Satruday, Italian Executive Chef Giovanni Sias reintroduces a new take on savoring eat-all-you-can. 

"In Italy, everything is prepared and served fresh from the kitchen. Buffets are usually found intimidating and costly with the food laid out waiting to be indulged. With ours, you get a vast array of choices which is plreasant to your eye, made fresh by batches and refilled only when the demand asks for it." Sias explains.

Truth to Sias roots, Seasons' is taking buffet into a different level where cooking is elevated to performance art using only the freshest and finest ingredients including micro-greens.

For the month of November, Season's is taking us to a gastronomic tour of International buffet celebrating every nationality. A great value for money.

"We've got staples and a mix of what holidays the other nationalities have. We're having Vegetable Samosa, Vegetable burgers, Chana Masala, Chicken Tikka; Kasmiri, Pullao and Curry to celebrate India's Diwali (festival of lights), and some artisan gourmet cheeses, bacon, poutine and maple syrum for Canada's remebrance day. We're also having Turkey for the Thanksgiving weekend, and fresh hand-pulled noodles into perfection. We don't forget the fun in devouring great food." Sias added.

Enjoy the food festival buffet only at Season's Lifestyle Restaurant located at the lobby floor of Manila Pavilion Hotel and Casino, United Nations ave. Ermita, Manila from 6PM to 10:30PM on Friday's and Saturday's. Children under the age of 5 years old are free of charge

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Photo Release: Christmas Fundraising Concert: Celebrate with Songs of Hope

Lyric Opera of the Philippines and the Resorts World Manila to organize a special campaign for this year’s “Breast Cancer Awareness”. “Celebrate with Songs of Hope: A Christmas Fundraising Concert” will be held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater of Resorts World Manila on December 16, 2015. The event will start at 7:30pm as part of an ongoing campaign to fight Breast Cancer, a disease that has claimed thousands of lives over the years.

The organizers aim to educate people about the symptoms of Breast Cancer, and what they can do to survive it. Each ticket you buy will send one Breast Cancer patient to much needed Chemotherapy Treatment.

You will be treated to a night of song and music courtesy of the conductor Chino Toledo and the Grupo 20/21 Orchestra. Artists who are expected to perform at the concert are Jose Mari Chan, Anna Feleo, Noel Azcona, Randy Gilongo, Sherwin Sozon, Franco and Ayen Laurel, John Glenn Gaerlan, Jane Wee, Andrea Melisa Camba, Stephanie Aguilar, Dave de Jesus, David Cicero Pado, Raymond Muyot, Nomher Nival, Mary Patrice Pacis, Naomi Sison and Marie Antonette Pascual.

Tickets for the event are available at the Ticketworld and

Coca Cola welcomes Christmas by making wishes come true

Coke lights up parols by the Coca-Cola Officials and their 2 ambassadors Enchong Dee and Joseph Marco.

Last November 15, 2015, Coca-Cola officially jumpstarts the season of giving by helping make millions of wishes come true this Christmas as Coke lights up parols at the Araneta Gateway. ‘Coca-Cola Wish Upon a Parol Day,’ gave hundreds of consumers a chance to have their wishes granted as Coca-Cola set up five wishing stations where visitors placed their most desired wishes this Christmas. Come evening, Coca-Cola picked lucky winners and pledged to make their wishes come true.

Alden Richards also present at the event
One of the biggest wishes Coca-Cola received was for fans to meet Alden Richards in person. One of the
newest Coca-Cola ambassadors wanted to do his part in making special moments for other people this Christmas made time in his busy schedule to grant this wish.

Also present to entertain Coca-Cola fans were Coca-Cola ambassadors Enchong Dee and Joseph Marco, who serenaded the crowd as an early Christmas gift. Coca-Cola culminated the event by lighting a giant Coke parol, which symbolizes all the hopeful wishes coming to life this Christmas. But the magic doesn’t stop there.

Through the Coca-Cola Wish Upon a Parol promo, millions more wishes can come true. Just buy any participating packs of COCA-COLA® regular (250ml, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L, and 2L) and text the code under the crown using this format: COKE (SPACE) <CODE> and send it to 2653. For the full mechanics, you may visit

For more details, like Coca-Cola Philippines on Facebook or follow @cocacolaph on Twitter and Instagram to find out what else Coca-Cola has in store this Christmas.


December 12 and 13, 2015, 11am to 8pm, 100 gate fee at 1161 Pasong Tamo St., Makati City (formerly Bosch Building, in front of Ambers), type lovers and lettering enthusiasts will be in for a treat! The team behind Type Kita will be holding the 3rd installment of their annual typography exhibit! The exhibit promises to be even bigger than before, with over 60 participating exhibitors and artists sharing their talent for this event-for-a-cause. They will serve as a big Christmas gathering for type enthusiasts around the metro! With live art, demos, art trade and gift giving activities, it’s the perfect holiday feast for type lovers!

The theme “Pass on the Passion,” aims to foster camaraderie and to strengthen the local type community during the Christmas season by focusing on the value of collaboration and sharing! Type-enthusiasts can give back to the community and share their passion to others as well. Proceeds from the event will be for the benefit of PEARLS- a non-profit organization that aims to provide unprivileged kids with Peace, Education, Aspiration, Respect, Love & Smiles.

Activities for the event are as follows:

For this leg, exhibitors are encouraged to work and collaborate with other artists to share their talent and
trade skills as they develop their pieces, strengthening the idea of sharing one’s passion through art.

Art Trade Manila will lead an art-exchange activity where artists and guests can bring their works or writing tools and trade it with fellow type-enthusiasts. It’s like a massive exchange gift activity but more fun!

Some of your favorite local letterers will also be invited to paint on wooden panels as part of the live art exhibit. Glass panels will also serve as a big doodle wall canvas!

And because the venue will be bigger, Zig Philippines will also be displaying large scale art murals as part of the exhibit.

Type Kita exhibits are also the best place to build your network with fellow type-geeks! To further promote camaraderie, participants will be given name tags for their IG handles so they can easily follow each other and keep connected even after the event!

One portion of the event will allow guests to write Christmas cards, design covers of blank notebooks and leave behind hand-lettered pieces as part of gift kits for the kids of PROJECT PEARLS.

Pass on the passion for type with free demos such as lettering, calligraphy, watercolor lettering and many more! There will also be a scheduled film showing, some live art & for the hoarders, there will also be pop-up shops for tools and type merchandise.

To keep the Christmas spirit alive, they will be holding a simple get-together/Christmas potluck to celebrate the community this holiday season. You may bring food and drinks too if you want to join in the feast!

Monday, November 16, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: Partners needed to help business integrate new powerful cloud telephony service in the Philippines.

Knowlarity team joins the launching of Vinea Distribution Inc.

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are seen to be as the solution for the inclusive growth not only in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) but also in the ASEAN Economic Community which is both taking shape this year.  Vinea Distributions, Inc. (VDI0, Knowlarity’s distributor in the Philippines calls on partners to help business integrate this new powerful cloud telephony service.

“We are looking for partners and resellers who would join our journey in providing businesses with the capability to boost their business and increase their capacity to capture sales lead through Knowlarity,” says Jason Hidalgo, VDI Knowlarity Product Specialist.

During the launching of Jason Hidalgo VDI Knowlarity Product
Specialist with the team
The cost of traditional PBX systems is limiting the growth of MSMEs because of the cost of installing the  SuperReceptionist, the initial product offering from Knowlarity is a hosted business phone system that allows you to record, route, forward, and track every call that your company makes or receives.  This new cloud telephony service practically replaces the traditional PBX systems ‘need to pay’ model with cloud’s ‘need now’ concept of paying only for what they require. 
infrastructure and also maintaining high cost of communication charges.

Hidalgo is very positive that businesses who will adapt Knowlarity SuperReceptionist can maximize this new system in order to capture business leads that are previously lost through traditional PBX. 

“Since this is a new technology, partners and new resellers will benefit a lot since besides helping businesses grow they would be assured that they are offering a unique and innovative technology,” Hidalgo added.

Knowlarity was launched in the Philippines by Vinea Distribution, Inc. (VDI), October 8, 2015 at Discovery Primea.  This is the first ever public launch of a cloud telephony service that is very promising and is invested by the famed venture capital firm Sequoia Capital.

If you want to become one of the partners or just want to know more about this powerful cloud telephony service, SuperReceptionist you can visit or call 535.7333 (connect to Vinea Distribution Inc. local 111, 112, 164).Watch their video  Empower your business now.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pag-IBIG Fund partners with Admerex for tele-collections

Pag-IBIG Fund President and CEO Atty. Darlene Marie B. Berberabe (center) and Admerex Solutions, Inc. President and Management Director Mr. Robert H. Dizon (second from right) lead the contract signing between the two agencies. With them are (from left): Pag-IBIG Fund’s Vice President Benjamin R. Felix, Jr. and Deputy CEO Acmad Rizaldy P. Moti; and  Admerex Solution Inc.’s Operations Director Paulo P. Aquino.  

Pag-IBIG Fund recently signed a contract with Admerex Solutions, Inc. (ASI), tapping the tele-collection services of the company for Pag-IBIG's Housing and Provident accounts. The ceremonial signing was led by Pag-IBIG President and CEO Atty. Darlene Marie B. Berberabe and ASI President and Managing Director Robert H. Dizon.

According to Berberabe, the objective of the partnership is to have an effective mechanism that will help remind Pag-IBIG members and their employers to settle their Pag-IBIG obligations on time, ensuring the member's uninterrupted enjoyment of Pag-IBIG benefits. Tele-collection firms' task is to prevent 31 to 90 days past due accounts from being tagged as non-performing loans.

“Pag-IBIG's strategy to tap the services of experts in collections has proven to be effective. From 72%  – the  lowest in the last ten years, the Fund was able to raise its performing loans ratio to 87%, net of allowance for impairment loss,” Berberabe said referring to Pag-IBIG's partnership with collection agencies that are handling the Fund's housing loan accounts considered in default.

"With Admerex expertise in tele-collection, we expect to get better collection figures and increase collection efficiency in the next few years, and at the same time, we will generate savings in our administrative and operational cost," Berberabe added.

Records show that the initial batch of provident accounts endorsed to ASI yielded a collection of 88% of the total amount to be collected.

Housing and Urban Coordinating Council (HUDCC) Chairman Atty. Chito M. Cruz is pleased with the results that he instructed Pag-IBIG to cascade its collection strategy to the other government shelter agencies to help them improve their collections.

Meanwhile, the ASI President and Managing Director thanked Pag-IBIG for the partnership, and commended the agency’s bids and awards committee.

“It is a great honor to be the service provider of Pag-IBIG Fund. We hope that the services we will be providing can help Pag-IBIG achieve its goals. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to commend your bids and awards committee. This is the first time we participated in a bidding and it was done professionally… I’m amazed about the level of professionalism of your group. It brings back the confidence of a citizen towards a government agency,” Dizon said.    

Established in 2003, ASI is one of the largest 100% Filipino-owned Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company and is the first tele-collection partner of Pag-IBIG. To date, Pag-IBIG Fund is ASI’s second largest partner

Wingstop Born in Texas USA: Where East Meets Flavor

Wingstop Infographic
Wingstop is a proud flavor company, boasting of a ten unique flavors that consist of spicy, sweet, and savory variations  Each flavor can hold its own within the star studded menu, and each bite is a celebration of everything that's good about life. It promises more than a meal and experience.Also promises to keep its customers wanting more, by always keeping things new, fresh, and exciting. Having made its way into the hearts and stomachs of Asians from all over.

With its sauces generously poured over freshly cooked wings.Wingstop is sure to have something in store, whether they want to set their taste buds on fire, satisfy their sweet tooth, or just keep things simple, 
Wingstop is the newest place where East Meets Flavor.

Introducing the Asian Wings: hand breaded, made-to-order wings available in 4 flavors: Korean Soy, Spicy Soy, Honey Garlic, and Honey Barbecue. Wingstop gives a nod at Asian cuisine, infusing the bold flavors of soy and garlic into the comforting tastes of honey and barbecue. Fans can satisfy their soy cravings through flavors seasoned with heated garlic and sesame or a lot of spice. If they are looking for something sweet, they can also try the unconventional honey flavor combinations mixed with garlic or  smokey barbecue. 

Customers are guaranteed to enjoy these new flavors licking them off their fingers as a snack or as a meal over a warm bed of Chipotle rice, with a refreshing drink. The rice bowls you know and love will never be the same. Wingstop fans have yet another reason to crave for that serving of fresh cooked-to-order wings, because the Asian wings are sure to hit a special spot in the Filipino soul.

For more information LIKE Wingstop Philippines on Facebook and FOLLOW @wingstopph on Instagram.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Cherry Mobile, Globe Telecom enter co-branding partnership to launch the CHERRY PREPAID SIM and phone bundles

In the photo (from left to right): Maynard Ngu, CEO Cherry Mobile, Michael V, the new endorser of Cherry Mobile and Ernest Cu, President & CEO Globe Telecom,
To launch the new Cherry Prepaid SIM and phone bundles, Cherry Mobile has entered into a co-branding partnership with the country’s number 1 mobile brand and purveyor of the digital lifestyle Globe Telecom.
The prepaid service, dubbed as Cherry Prepaid powered by Globe, aims to be a game-changer in mass market mobile connectivity that combines high quality mobile phones and prepaid service into one affordable package. With flexible starter options like the Cherry Prepaid SIM and phone bundles for as low as P399 and a SIM-only option for only P29, users can immediately call, text, and surf the Internet.

Cherry Mobile Chief Executive Officer Maynard Ngu says,“this year marks another milestone for the company. After dominating the market with its hip entertainment-on-the-go TV and multimedia smartphones, Cherry Mobile gets even better as it partners with Globe to provide Filipinos with the newest and most diversified prepaid mobile service – the game-changing Cherry Prepaid powered by Globe."

Globe President and CEO Ernest noted that the co-branding agreement forms part of the telco’s commitment to enable the digital lifestyle of the mass market segment, leveraging on Cherry Mobile’s strong foothold in the prepaid market with its compelling device offerings. “With competition in the mobile industry getting more intense and cutthroat, this co-branding agreement will allow us to explore business models that will generate new revenue streams as well as strengthen our position in the prepaid segment and as the network of choice for smartphone users,” Cu said.

What makes Cherry Prepaid more exciting is the bonus Load feature exclusive to all Cherry Prepaid subscribers. Depending on your starter package, you can receive P10 to as much as P300 Bonus Load monthly which you can use to surf the Internet, text all networks, and call and text any Cherry Prepaid subscriber. Users can choose between a P399 Lite Bundle that comes with a CP1 Bar Phone, a 999 Big Time Bundle that comes with a Cherry Mobile Astro Smart Phone, and P1699 Partner Bundle that comes with two mobile phones: a Cherry Mobile Comet Smart Phone and a CP2 Bar Phone. All Cherry Prepaid Phone Bundles come with a Cherry Prepaid SIM and freebies so one can immediately enjoy using the service.

With  as little as P10 of your Bonus Load, you can enjoy an entire day of Clash of Clans, 1 day chat on Facebook Messenger, 3 minutes on Youtube, 10 texts to any network, 20 texts to any Cherry Prepaid subscriber, OR a 30-minute call to any Cherry Prepaid number. Enjoy more text, more calls, more chat and surfing. In addition, the Bonus Load is not a one-time perk, but an exclusive privilege enjoyed by all Cherry Mobile users.

“We are constantly trying to push and redefine what it means to be connected, and Cherry Prepaid’s unique offers like the Bonus Load; the CM365 option that allows the SIM to stay active for a year even without load which is perfect for OFW’s; as well as the CM399 which has the longest data validity of 60-days for data usage and other mobile internet offers that can be rollover; will empower more people than ever before,” Ngu added. “This partnership with Cherry Mobile serves as a vehicle for us to provide mobile internet services for every Filipino to ultimately empower their digital lifestyle, further increasing smartphone penetration in the country and positioning the Philippines as the next digital lifestyle capital of the world,” expressed Cu.

In 2009, Cherry Mobile CEO Maynard Ngu envisioned Cherry to become the brand that has “Everything for Everyone,” providing handsets that cater to different age groups and match different lifestyles. In the span of six years, Cherry has already reached several milestones and has become the number one mobile phone company in the Philippines for the past two years.

Ngu said, “We realized early on that in order to fully achieve what we sought out to do, we have to remain steadfast in our belief that real innovation happens when it helps to benefit the majority, and not just the few.” 
He further added that: “When people can enjoy the fruits of the innovation that Cherry Mobile provides. When Cherry, the pioneer in mass market mobile connectivity can combine high quality mobile phones and prepaid service into one affordable package. We can then safely say that my dream, our dream is no longer just a dream, but a happy reality." As Cherry finally reaches its dream of providing “everything for everyone”, Ngu further said that: “In reaching this dream, one cannot help but dream some more – to provide the countless Filipinos access to data, of bringing the internet to the masses.”

Available starting DECEMBER 1, 2015 you can purchase the Cherry Prepaid Phone kit Bundle, the Cherry Prepaid Sim and Cherry Prepaid Load Cards at all Cherry Mobile Outlets. Reload for as low as P5 at all Cherry Mobile Outlets and from Globe AMAX retailers nationwide.

For more information about Cherry Mobile and Cherry Prepaid, visit