Sunday, November 1, 2015

Honda BeAT Fi eSP Series attested by satisfied customers

Honda’s new Honda BeAT Fi eSP Series is continuously drawing praises for being a remarkable scooter to come out from the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturing company.

Edmund Cativo
Consumers are getting impressed with the new BeAT Fi eSP Series remarkable fuel efficiency, superb engine technology, and great exterior looks. They just too happy for making the right decision to purchase it. 

Edmund Cativo says he can personally attest to the fuel economy of the new BeAT Fi because he used to own another motorcycle for work and for personal use. Comparing the fuel consumption of it with his previous motorcycle, he noted significant savings on a daily basis and is now using the extra money to help support the family’s basic needs.

Hans Christian Sison
Hans Christian Sison also speaks highly of the fuel-efficiency of the new BeAT Fi  by saying that the new scooter is an excellent fuel saver compared to other carb type scooters out in the market today.

For his part, Mark Anthony Macadaeg cites that the fact that Honda used a 110 cc engine displacement for the new BeAT Fi largely contributed to its fuel efficiency. While others may want a more powerful 125 cc engine displacement for their scooter, he said that the new BeAT Fi actually performs like one already so he is more than satisfied and happy for his purchase.
Mark Anthony Macadaeg

The Honda Smart Technology has also made it easy for users to drive the scooter and quite safely too.

Having born with physical deformities featuring an amputated three fingers on his left hand and polio on his left leg, Edmund Cativo said the Honda Smart Technology on the new BeAT Fi has made it comfortable for him to handle the scooter. He says he is able to bring his child to and from the school every day with greater ease. He also attributed the scooter’s combi brake system that greatly ensures their safety on the road all the time.

 “It is a very great-looking scooter, no doubt,” says Mark Anthony Macadaeg and Hans Christian Sison, and both also saying that the BeAT Fi is one of the, if not the best-looking scooter in the Philippine motorcycle market today. Edmund Cativo also added that the scooter is quite stylish and very sporty too.

Fuel-efficient, great engine performance, safe, great-looking, and very functional, these are the great attributes of the new Honda BeAT Fi eSP Series and it’s no wonder that it is now living up to its reputation in the Philippine market as the ‘Scooter for All.’

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