Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Do you have a chance to win a large amount of money if you buy prepaid load every day. Someone might stop you in the middle of the street and present a flyer on a opportunity to win big. On social media, you see advertisements telling you that you can win if you sign up on a brand’s promo. The possibilities are endless when it comes to winning, but at what cost? There are instances where these promos and flyers lead to nowhere, or you might find yourself in the middle of a scam. You immediately lose trust with direct marketing. You feel everyone out there is after your hard-earned cash and you have nothing to get in return. Life is unfair; some have all the luck.

But it’s a different story with Home Catalogue Shopping, Inc.
HCSI is a startup company in the Philippines that gives its clients the ability to shop at their convenience. On the surface, it’s a direct marketing, direct mailing, distance-selling business. All you have to do is look for their advertisements in popular newspapers around the country, cut out their coupon, and send it to them. You can also call HCSI—but you have to be patient though, in case your call doesn’t get through. All calls are recorded and you must expect a return call afterwards.

Soon enough, they’ll send you a catalog containing high-quality, practical, and affordable products from all over the world. You can easily order from home, the office, or on commute.
It looks like a typical direct marketing model, right?

Here’s what separates HCSI apart from other direct mailing companies out there.
You have a chance to win, risk-free, up to PhP1.5M. Hard to believe? Read this: Every three months, HCSI awards cash prizes to the quickest replier and the two highest buyers.

The procedure is simple. Reply quickly with your order, and you have the chance to win PhP50K. Become the second highest buyer and instantly win PhP250K. If you’re HCSI’s highest buyer for the season, you can win PhP1.5M!

You can say that, with Home Catalogue Shopping, Inc., you’re making the best investment in your life. Buy to win; your money goes back to you a hundredfold. Shopping has never been this fun, this affordable, and this convenient.

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  1. Home Catalogue shopping is new term for me and I found it interesting. Going to do more research on it, thanks for sharing the information with us