Tuesday, April 12, 2016

CardiMax Enhances the Immune System and pumps up energy of high-endurance athletes

The UP Women’s Volleyball Varsity Team play Gravity Volleyball at the Trampoline Park during the media launch of L-Carnitine supplement CardiMax. 

High-endurance athletes attest to surges of power and speed, thanks to dietary supplement CardiMax. In a media briefing at Trampoline Park in Mandaluyong City, seasoned athletes, including the UP Women’s Volleyball Varsity Team (UPWVVT), revealed that the L-Carnitine-based supplement helped raise their energy levels and improved their performances.

L-Carnitine functions as an antioxidant that can help prevent damage done to healthy cells by free radicals. It can further help when you are fighting a virus, like a cold, or when you are dealing with various seasonal allergies. For athletes and sports enthusiasts, too much exercise or overtraining weakens the individual's immune system, leading to frequent illness and injury. The immune system needs to be taken care of during high intensity training to ensure proper health of the individual.

(Left to Right) Integrated Pharmaceutical Inc.’s VP for Operations Katheryn Feliciano, UP Women’s Voleyball Varsity Team (UPWVVT) Manager Ma. Cecilia Ronquillo, UPWVVT Captain Kathy Bersola, UPWVVT Vice Captain Nicole Tiamzon, Integrated Pharmaceutical Inc.’s National Sales Manager Maribel Suarez. 

The UPWVVT emerged as one of the UAAP's top squads this season, marking a breakout year for the team. UPWVVT Vice Captain Nicole Tiamzon said that the supplement helped her team warm up, train and play harder during their UAAP matches. “It’s hard for our bodies to warm up in big, heavily-air conditioned venues, but it became easier for us to work up a sweat after CardiMax. It also helped us play with more intensity,” Tiamzon shared.

L-Carnitine, a non-toxic, natural amino acid that helps convert fat to energy, makes these energy boosts possible. Though L-Carnitine primarily treats people with heart-related conditions, it also helps in metabolism, weight loss, muscle building, and recovery, which are essential for high-performance athletes.

CardiMax helps people who exercise to have the needed energy to perform longer strenuous physical activities. Physical activity and exercise are necessary in order to gain the benefits of L-Carnitine (CardiMax) in fitness and slimming. L-Carnitine (CardiMax) helps metabolize calories only if supplemented with physical activity or exercise. Without CardiMax, your efforts may not be efficient or optimized.  Thus, you may expect to take longer in reaching your goals, and you may even experience exercise plateau.  This means that even as you continue exercising, you do not lose further weight or fat.  

Other athletes have confirmed the supplement's effectiveness. Louie Mapua first tried CardiMax at 55 years old, when his neighbor invited him to go cycling from Dasmariñas, Cavite to Tagaytay City. Mapua still felt energetic upon reaching Tagaytay while his neighbor, a younger cyclist, started falling behind.  Now 63, Mapua joined the Riviera Tri-Sport last August, where he finished the race ahead of much younger athletes.

Mapua’s performance prompted his daughter Anna, herself a triathlete, to take the supplement prior to her strong showing at last September's Aboitiz Tri at Pico de Loro. "When I took it 30 minutes before the race, I felt like I was ready for anything," she says. "I felt an intense surge of energy. And I was never short of breath, even while swimming."

“With sufficient amounts of L-Carnitine, athletes are able to perform at a higher level,” said Katheryn Feliciano, Integrated Pharmaceutical, Inc.’s VP for Operations. “Because CardiMax does not have adverse side effects, it is ideal for athletes doing intense activities over long periods of time.”

CardiMax is available in Mercury Drug and select drugstores. Some athletes mix it with their drinks, while some take it straight from the bottle before an intensive activity.  A teaspoon is recommended to be taken in the morning or afternoon.

For more information about the supplement, send an email to cardimax@integrated.com.ph  or call (63-2) 241-8501 to 04.