Tuesday, April 19, 2016

OXYGEN X BILLBOARD Renowned Fashion and Lifestyle Brand Marks Several Milestones

Fashion show of Oxygen x billboard clothes with Sam Concepcion 

Oxygen first launched in 1996 by Golden ABC Inc. as a T-shirt brand targeted towards the male audience, Evolved into a retail store that caters to the edgy males and females of the metro. Offering apparel, accessories, and fragrances in 78 key locations in the Philippines, Oxygen is known as the preferred fashion brand of the fashion forward, cool, and stylish youth. 

This summer, well-loved local fashion brand, Oxygen, announces that it has entered into a partnership with Billboard, the world’s premier source for trends and innovation in music, to come up with a collection that aims to help today’s youth to experience, discover and celebrate their passion for music and fashion. “Oxygen has always believed in allowing everyone to live their passion,” shares Jeff Bascon, Oxygen Brand Director. “For years, every effort of the brand has always been geared towards encouraging people to move out of their comfort zones and do things that allow them to leave a mark; to make a statement. The same ideology is what made us want to do this project with Billboard. Billboard is where it is today because the people behind it have been very brave and objective with who gets in their charts.”

The OXYGEN X BILLBOARD collection features items for everyday use, including graphic tees,

pullovers and accessories like caps and bags. The designs, which take heavy inspiration from the rock and hip-hop genres, come mostly in black and white—save minimal pops of color here and there for select items—and scream of New York street fashion. “We are very happy about this partnership as it allows us to really drive home what the brand stands for. We are all about celebrating individuality, boldness and expression without compromising style,” Bascon says. “In addition, it also allows us to mark several milestones for Oxygen. Billboard is known for being very meticulous when it comes to choosing partners and we have just become one of the very few companies in the world that was able to do this. We are very proud to be associated with such a respectable international organization that has paved the way for so much innovation in the global music industry.”

Oxygen x Billboard Top 20 Style Trends

With hip-hop and rock music as the main inspiration, Oxygen and Billboard come together to create a collection of tops, bottoms, and accessories that features some of the latest fashion trends to hit the world today. Let’s take a look.

Street Style – Cool tees and trendy jeans, these pieces are key for that effortless, on-the-street look that everyone is going for today!

All in Black – You can never go wrong with wearing black! Need we say more?

Slit Tops – The latest trend to hit the metro, show off a little leg, or those awesome liquid leather leggings, with these cool slit tops!

Pumping Graphic Tees – Raring to make a statement? Artsy graphic tees are all the rage nowadays!

Monochrome Pieces – All the whites, greys, and blacks in your wardrobe are still on-trend, plus, 
they go perfectly with each other!

Messy-But-Not Tresses – Nothing says “I woke up like this” than with hair that is stylishly messy
yet not too untidy.

Ripped Denims – Whether acid wash, black, grey, or blue, distressed jeans scream cool and casual.

Pullovers – Can’t deny it, cotton pullovers are comfy, cozy, AND trendy, no matter the season.

Cutout Boots – Quirky cutout boots are a funky way to level up any of your outfits!

Pops of Color – A little bit of bright yellow, blue, red or green, never hurt anybody. And they’re a great highlight on an all-black ensemble!

Oversized Tees – Love to dress comfy? Pair an oversized tee with your favorite denim shorts for that effortlessly breezy look.

Statement Caps – There’s no better way to declare your favorite statements than to wear it on your head.

White Sneaks – The hottest trend today, even Hollywood celebrities are digging it, white sneaks totally go with any of your daily wear.

The Brush Up – Classic and very James Dean-esque, this hairstyle can apply for men and women who adore the unique style of the 50’s.

White Cotton Shirts – Perfect for summer, white shirts are easy to wear and easy to pair with

Slim Silhouettes – Want to emphasize and elongate your silhouette? Don skinny jeans and show off that sexy, slim figure!

Jersey Number Shirts – Jersey shirts are the hottest new things! Out of the baseball pits and into your closet, these babies are the greatest addition to your wardrobe staples this season!

Fresh Faced – Say bye-bye to heavy make-up. It’s all about being cool and fresh-faced this summer!

Culottes – Feeling a little adventurous? One of the more exciting trends this season, culottes are extremely flexible, whether for casual Fridays or dressed-up Mondays!

Pegged Boyfriend Jeans – The more styled up cousin of the “boyfriend jeans,” this folded-up style of bottoms define the shape of your silhouette better!

The Oxygen x Billboard Collection is now available at all Oxygen branches nationwide. For more information about this collaboration and to get updates from Oxygen, visit oxygenfashion.com, like Oxygen Clothing on Facebook or Follow @oxygenclothing on Instagram and Twitter. Like https://www.facebook.com/oxygenclothing and follow https://twitter.com/oxygenclothing and https://www.instagram.com/oxygenclothing.

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