Sunday, May 15, 2016

POST EVENT: Honda Safety Driving Center launches “1 – Day Training Course”

Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC) officially launched the latest addition to the HSDC line-up of training courses, the “1 – DAY Training Course”.  This course was established considering the customers’ clamour for proper training in an “easy, flexible and efficient” approach without sacrificing much time. 

Through the “1-DAY Training Course”, it can jump - start the change and prevent accidents by helping shape riders mindset and skills with the proper riding techniques taught by the Safety Driving instructors who have recently undergone skills – up training under the Super Instructors from the Bukit Batok Driving Center of Singapore.

The “1-DAY Training Course” will also encourage the public to enhance their safe-riding skills and eventually make a significant contribution towards developing a community of safe and responsible road users.

Also, Media Safety Riding Challenge added a flavour of suspense and excitement, which demonstrates the power and performance of the Honda Gen S Scooter models on track.

For more information about this new course, you may inquire thru HSDC on the following contact details: (02) 581.6714 (0917) 5625984 or email at

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