Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Aquaboy Resort sponsored 'beauty with a cause' Miss Philippines Earth

Aquaboy is a well-known escape in the heart of Metro Manila. Located only at 10 Oriole St. corner Flamingo St. Zabarte Subdivision, Quezon City, it is indeed a perfect place to relax and unwind since it can perfectly give you an atmosphere of freshness and serenity. It is one of the few resorts along the urban vicinity that is ultimately clean and environment-friendly. The resort also practices the 5Rs of Miss Philippines Earth: Re-think,Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Respect in order to enhance and beautify the place for its valued customers. Aquaboy believes that in its own simple way, the world can somehow be a better place.

Aquaboy Resort believes the finest epitomes of 'beauty with a cause', Miss Philippines Earth is recognized as a prestigious event of celebrating both womanhood and God's splendid creations. This year, the pageant calls out for everyone to be "Empowered to Address Climate Change". And nothing is better when it comes to upholding this cause than a hideaway that can both beat the heat and show its commitment to safeguard the environment.

Because of its stylish facade and cool ambiance, Aquaboy was recognized as the perfect place for the pageant candidates to project themselves gracefully and confidently in their swimwear. With a festive aura, the venue was filled with goddess-like beauties who possess highly intelligible brains and big, attentive hearts for the sake of Mother Earth last May 6 for the swimsuit fashion show.
Aquaboy Representative:  Founder/President, Atty. Fidel Exconde, Jr. & Ms. Century Tuna Bods Winner 2014, Sara Paola Polverini, Ms. Philippines Earth - Best in Swimwear, Ms. Puerto Princesa, Imelda Schweighart (center)

May the examples of Miss Philippines Earth, Aquaboy Resort and the other pageant sponsors enlighten us with the significance of joining hands and making even the smallest effort to preserve our beloved Mother Nature.

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