Sunday, June 12, 2016

Presenting the newest pizza, the Shakey's Corned Beef Crrrunch

Shakey's Corned Beef Crrrunch Pizza
I am not a food blogger but when I taste the Shakey's Corned Beef Crrrunch Pizza, I can say it was so delicious in one bite.The pizza creatively combines different textures and flavors through crunchy and savory satisfaction. This Shakey's Corned Beef Crrrunch is also re-introducing familiar flavors with a sensational twist:
  • FETA CHEESE - The perfect topper is a soft salty, and crumbly cheese delight.
  • CARAMELIZED ONIONS - Light and sweet, caramelized onions satisfy any craving.
  • CORNED BEEF - A generous serving of the salty meat everybody knows and loves.
  • THIN-CRUST - The Iconic, crispy and crunchy combination of pizza crust comfort.
  • SHOESTRING POTATOES - A savory surprise, an all-time favorite potato snack served on a pizza.

Come and visit all Shakey's stores to explore a new way to enjoy an old favorite and satisfy your curious cravings with the following options: Regular size at Php 235, Large size at Php 395, and Party size at Php 530 for the Thin Crust Pizza and Regular size at Php 305, Large size at Php 460, and Party size at Php 595 for the Hand Tossed Pizza. 

I am strongly recommend and let’s discover a new way to enjoy corned beef with the Shakey’s Corned Beef Crrrunch Pizza. 


Shakey’s first opened its doors to offer the Philippine public delicious pizza in 1975. While it was originally meant to be an avenue for marketing San Miguel’s newest draft beer, it became so much more than that.

Decades and branches later, the brand established itself as a hangout where regulars gather to enjoy fun, family, pizza. Shakey's is a place that's familiar, a restaurant with a menu that Guests don't even have to look at because they arrive already knowing what they want to eat. It is a place where Guests only need one word to express exactly what they mean. In the case of Shakey's, that word is “Let's”— which always means “Let’s all go to Shakey’s.”

Shakey's Buendia
As a restaurant with inviting interiors, friendly staff, and an ever-dependable menu, the success of Shakey’s may be attributed to its all-time favorite menu mainstays.  These include the mouth-watering Thin Crust pizza and awesome twosome Chicken ’N’ Mojos, iconic dishes that Guests cannot help but order again and again each time they visit.

To keep things interesting and exciting, Shakey’s continues to upgrade and update its menu, introducing new items that are likely to become menu favorites in their own time. This is precisely the reason why Shakey’s is as exciting yet familiar as it is now.  What’s more, Shakey's also provides numerous benefits of value-for-money deals through the Shakey's Supercard, a great avenue to reward loyal Guests and keep them coming back for more.

After many years of celebrating good times and good memories with Shakey’s, one can only guess what the Filipinos’ favorite fun, family restaurant is going to cook up for us next. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s all go to Shakey’s.

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