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SHOPWISE launched the best quality products and wholesome goodness

Ms. Karen Rodas introduced their products
Photo shows  Mr. Stephane Pariente, Vice President, Mass Market
(middle, 5th from the left) and Ms. Karen E. Rodas, VP-Group Merchandising (7th from the left) of Rustan Supercenters, Inc., together with Ms. Danica Sotto and  Chef Jonah Trinidad during the Shopwise Corporate Festival Launch of their Best Value exclusive products.
Shopwise, always trusted by grocery shoppers to deliver a wide selection of quality affordable consumer brands from around the world. This year the assortment just got even better with the addition of new top quality products.
Danica Sotto-Pingris and Chef Jonah Trinidad
Last June 25, 2016 Shopwise proudly launched a new line of private label consumer products at the Shopwise, Sucat. Hosted by culinary celebrity Danica Sotto-Pingris and Chef Jonah Trinidad-renowed kitchen manager of GMA7 kitchen shows-conducted a cooking demo exclusive to the invited guests.

At the event they launched the following products exclusively available in Shopwise Supercenters:

Papa Alfredo – Time-Honored Classic Italian Favorites!
Papa Alfredo’s product lines to conjure up the most delightful Italian meal that will have you singing a canzone as if you are right on the streets of Italia. Papa Alfredo Pastas are made from 100% Durum Semolina Wheat, low-fat and suitable for vegetarians. Expand your pasta repertoire with these variants: Spaghetti n.5, Fusilli n.16, Penne n.18, Linguine n.13, and Chifferi n.41.

Relish in the palatable selections of Papa Alfredo Gourmet oils. Classic Olive Oil is great for sauces, pasta and cooking. Pomace Olive Oil and Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil are both ideal for frying, baking and cooking. Extra Virgin Olive Oil for dressings, marinades and dips. Grape seed oil though not as popular as olive oil, is as ideal for frying, baking and cooking and healthy too. Savor the good life via Papa Alfredo.

Soft and Strong with FeatherSoft
FeatherSoft only uses high quality material to create a delicate feel that delivers maximum comfort and the strength that you need for the day’s activities. It is extra hygienic and treated through an ultrahigh thermo process with no added fluorescent material, which may cause skin irritation. Provides you the perfect tool designed to offer total absorbency, strength, and efficiency.
A perfect balance between soft and strong 

FeatherSoft tissues use only top-tier virgin fiber for extra feathery softness at an instant touch, the tissues are softer without compromising strength and quality. Available as three-ply Bathroom Tissues, two-ply Soft Pack and two-ply Facial Tissue Character Boxes. Characters featured change regularly. With extra plush layers that offers deep cushiony softness and superb comfort FeatherSoft Ultra offers irresistible softness with maximum strength. Our Strongest tissues are available as four-ply Bathroom Tissue rolls and three-ply Facial Tissues boxes.

Tackle any mess effectively with the super strong and absorbent FeatherSoft MaxTowel. Each towel features 3D embossment to maximize oil absorbency. Made with 100% virgin wood pulp so it’s durable even when wet. Extra hygienic process makes it safe to use for all your kitchen activities such as: absorbing excess oil and water from food and kitchen tools, wiping up spills and grease on kitchen counters and appliances.

Enjoy France’s Terroir du Vin via French Cellars
Introduction to classic wines from France’s most famous wine regions, it presents selections for easy-drinking yet still elegantly faithful to its terroir. Terroir is the basis of French wine appellation d'origine contrôlée system, a model for wine appellation and regulation in France and around the world. Similarly, it is the defining character or ‘sense of place’ of wines. Experience the proverbial ‘sense of place’ with a glass of French Cellar and vividly imagine yourself transported to a quaint sitting room with the same kind of wine the French are enjoying at home or with friends.

French Cellars guarantees splendid quality, authentic style and fantastic consistency from vintage to vintage. These mouth-watering wines have won over 50 awards in major international competitions.
The Premium Varietal Range is made with the most famous wine grape varieties in France. Fun fruit-forward food-friendly wines great for parties and everyday drinking. This range offers Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre, Cabernet Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Grenache. AOC range offers Côtes du Rhône, Côtes du Rhône Villages Plan de Dieu, Languedoc, Bordeaux Red, Bordeaux White and Bourgogne Chardonnay.

These are perfect for entertaining, to give as gifts or to celebrate the special occasion. The winemaker’s signature on the label is a testament to their outstanding quality. Delightful selections include Haut Médoc by François Thienpon, St. Emilion Grand Cru by François Thienpon and Châteauneuf du Pape by Romain Duverney. Experience the French Cellar wines.

Sun Harvest, wholesome goodness from the start.
Sun Harvest’s wholesome range of products packed with tasty goodness from delicious crunchy nutty cereals to smooth velvety spreads. Great tasting and nutritious, Sun Harvest cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals. Non-deep fried, transfat-free and Halal controlled, it’s a great tasting treat for the whole family. Indulge the kids with the healthy crunchy chocolatey goodness of Cocoa Shells and Cocoa Balls or delight them with the honey healthy yum of Honey Hoops and low-fat Frosted Flakes.

Sun Harvest Peanut Butter Spread brings you that unbelievable authentic lip-smacking chock full of peanut goodness with every bite. High protein, with no added preservatives and artificial coloring, zero transfats and Halal certified; it’s guaranteed to fill you up with healthy snacking fun. Indulge in the velvety smoothness of Xtra Creamy Peanut Butter, relish the wholesome crunchiness of Xtra Chunky Peanut Butter or go crazy over the nutty Chocolate Strip Peanut Spread. Tastes delightfully marvelous even in your baking or indulge in it on its own! 

Spread the Buttery Goodness with Sunny Meadow
Sunny Meadow brand of buttery margarine is good for frying, spreading and baking; make it a staple in the pantry! Enjoy the goodness of margarine and the lusciousness of butter, top it over toasts and pastries, just spread it right out of the fridge.

It is your best choice for a healthier lifestyle for the entire family – everyone can enjoy all the creamy goodness without the worry. Sunny Meadow margarine contains no artificial flavor or color, has zero cholesterol, low in saturated fat, and fortified with Vitamin E and Omega 3 and 6 oils. Offering a healthy selection for all your delicious daily diet needs: Spread with Canola Oil and Spread with Sunflower Oil for regular eaters and for the more discerning, Reduced Fat and Salt Spread and Spread in Olive Oil. 

VitaPet – For the Love of Paws
VitaPet offers a wide variety of wet and dry food for cats and dogs, as well as kittens and puppies! Pet nutritionists and taste experts are dedicated to developing flavoursome meals from only the best ingredients to help your pets stay healthy, active, and happy.

VitaPet Dry Food products, which are free from artificial flavours and monosodium glutamate, meet the nutritional standards of the US Association of American Feed Control Officials to make sure your pets get optimum health benefits: minimized unpleasant odours, enhanced body mechanism and metabolism, good vision, healthy heart, radiant coats and skin, proper growth of bones, teeth, and muscle. VitaPet Dry Food are packed with nutrients and thoughtfully moulded into small-sized kibbles with a unique texture to cut plaque and prevent tartar accumulation. VitaPet Wet Food, full of delicious meat chunks that are nutritious and paw-licking good, are made with real fish for all fish-based flavours with no artificial flavours,

Dogs will love to get their paws on our four regular meat-hearty flavours: Beef, Chicken, Lamb, and Chicken & Turkey. For a more festive treat, give your paw pals VitaPet Dog Food Tray in six delicious flavours: Beef & Vegetables, Beef & Liver, Chicken, Chicken & Cheese, Chicken & Vegetables, and Lamb. Made especially for the little ones, VitaPet Kitten Wet Food (Tuna & Sardines flavour), Kitten Dry Food (Fish & Egg flavour) and Puppy Dry food (Chicken & Egg flavour) provide the optimal balance and complete essential nutrients to meet all their daily needs.

Top quality litters are lightweight, low dust, low tracking and super absorbent; they are designed to trap and control odour so your home – especially the litter box – stays fresh, clean and not sticky.
VitaPet Clean Paw Clumping Cat Litter is specially shaped into fine balls with no angles to keep those paws comfortable on the litter basket. It contains high absorbent clay that locks in moisture and absorb up to 5× more than the cat litter’s weight and forms into super clumps – firm and compact – and changes to a darker colour for easy cleanup. Just pick up the clumps, with no need to replace the entire tray so it’s economical. 

Get more of the good life you can afford at Shopwise. For more updates, visit www.shopwise.com.ph and follow Shopwise on Facebook to check out our Best Value calatogue.

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