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CHEMWORLD Fragrance Factory, your success story starts here…….

Opening of Chemworld 17 th store at SM Mega Mall Bldg. A
Blessng of Chemworld at SM Mega Mall
Chemworld Fragrance Factory is your one-stop-shop for all your perfumery needs – with hundreds of fragrance oils & essential oils, a wide selection of perfume bottles & boxes, and raw materials that will fit every fragrance application. Their mission is to assist potential entrepreneurs realize their dream to be financially independent by providing high quality training complete and affordable supplies, and continuing guidance in perfumery business. They have graphic artists who prints custom labels – an importance aspect in selling your own brand of perfumes and proud to be the leading center for their hands-on fragrance workshops where they teach step-by-step how to blend & sell your own perfumes.

Since 2004, they have been conducting hands-on perfume making seminars reaching thousands of participants every year. They teach how to create high quality fine fragrance as good as some expensive designer fragrance and provide step by step guidance, with their formulation experts available for free consultation. The seminars go beyond teaching perfume making. They include discussions on street-smart marketing strategies based on actual experiences, defining market niche, costing, and pricing. They provide all the supplies a perfume business would need, from fragrance oils, essential oils as well as a variety of packaging materials and added custom label design, printing services in-store, knowing how important good packaging can help sell perfume.

1) Perfume-Making Seminars
  •     Professional perfume-making training video that you can easily follow
  •     Learn something new and have fun at the same time
  •     Conduct “no secrets” seminars and hands-on workshop in all their branches.
2) Starter Kits
  •    Starter Kit A: A do-it-yourself starter kit which includes all the materials you need to blend &    sell your own perfume.
  •     Starter Kit B: A premix starter kit that comes with ready-to-use/sell eau de perfum and               perfume bottles.
  •     Starter Kit C: A premix starter kit that comes with ready-to-use/sell eau de perfum and               perfume bottles.

3) Fragrance Oils
  •     They carry the most comprehensive of world class quality fragrance oils.

4) Essential Oils

5) Raw Materials
    a) Excipients
  •        DPG (Dipropylene Glycol)
  •        Fixative
  •        Perfume Grade Colorant
  •        Perfume Grade Ethyl Alcohol
  •        Solubilizer LA

   b) Base Components
  •        Glycerin Transparent Soap Base
  •        Lotion Base

   c) Perfume Premix
  •        Regular, 250ml
  •        Premium, 250ml

6) Perfume Bottles and Boxes

7) Laboratory Glasswares
  •      Beaker
  •      Erlenmeyer flask
  •      Graduated cylinder
  •      Glass stirrer

To know more Chemworld Fragrance Factory visit their online store,; and

Partnership of Chooks-to-Go and Zomato online delivery

A delicious partnership. With the partnership of Chooks-to-Go and Zomato, the country’s number one oven-roasted chicken is now only a few clicks away, anywhere you are in the Metro.

Make your much-loved masarap kahit walang sauce Pinoy chicken more accessible with just a few simple swipes and clicks. When hunger strikes but you’re still at work, and when you’re craving for your favorite oven-roasted chicken but stepping out of the house is just not an option, well, worry no more, because getting your hands on Chooks-to-Go just got quicker and more convenient!

With the new digital team-up, you can now easily satisfy your Chooks-to-Go cravings, as its best-tasting offerings are now available for a hassle-free online ordering service via Zomato’s official website, You can also download its mobile app for free to get your well-loved roasted chicken delivered right at your doorstep. The Zomato online delivery service is available in Metro Manila only, from 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily

So hurry, get your hands on Chooks-to-Go’s delicious line-up of classic Sweet Roast Chicken, spicy Pepper Roast, crunchy Fried Chooks, and all-time Filipino favorite Liempo wherever you may be! Download the Zomato mobile app for free on your Android and iOS device and start satisfying your cravings now! 

Brother P-Touch Machines and TZe industrial-grade tapes

Users can create a series of labels with automatically increasing alpha or numeric identifiers to make identifying equipment and inventory items easier
Stay on top of safer, more efficient electrical and data systems with attractive, industrial-grade labels. Creating efficient, safe, and more organized electrical and data systems is as easy as a press of a single button with the Brother P-Touch line of professional labeling machines and TZe industrial-grade tapes.

The P-Touch labeling machines are built with Brother’s unique printing technology to create labeling solutions that make a huge difference in organizing systems. Labels can be printed vertically or continuously to wrap around cables and pipes, and with multiple lines or frames. The Auto Cutter Function allows users to create labels according to specific sizes and to reduce wasted tape.

Users can create a series of labels with automatically increasing alpha or numeric identifiers to make identifying equipment and inventory items easier. For maximum efficiency, the Brother P-Touch machines can also print multiple copies unattended while the user performs other tasks.
Different fonts, drawing tools, clip art, special characters, and bar code symbols are built into the P-Touch software, allowing users to create labels that fit their organization needs

The Brother P-Touch product range is a user-friendly software innovation that allows users to intuitively learn how to design, edit, and print professional labels in a couple of simple steps. Different fonts, drawing tools, clip art, special characters, and bar code symbols are built into the P-Touch software, allowing users to create labels that fit their organization needs right after taking the machine out of the box. Brother developed the TZe tapes to allow users to produce durable laminated labels specifically designed for extreme environments. These tapes come in a wide assortment of sizes and colors, and can withstand extreme temperatures, high pressure, and sunlight, as well as constant exposure to water, moisture, grease and other lubricants, harsh chemicals, and even industrial solvents without losing their strong adhesive properties.

TZe tapes to allow users to produce durable laminated labels specifically designed for extreme environments

The applications of this technology in the field of electrical engineering and data communications are countless—Brother TZe tapes can function as faceplates for flat surfaces, cable wraps and flags, and to create an easy-to-read patch panel labeling system. “We strive to deliver innovation even in the smallest aspects of personal, professional, and industrial lives,” said Glenn Hocson, Brother Philippines President. “Brother’s innovations, including the P-Touch system, truly shine in situations where details matter the most.”

To find out more about the Brother P-Touch machines and TZe industrial-grade tapes, visit or call (02) 581-9888.

Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card now earns Peso Points at Puregold

Pag-IBIG Fund is beefing up its list of partners in its Loyalty Card Program. The Loyalty Card holders can now earn points and privileges when they shop at any Puregold supermarket nationwide, after Pag-IBIG Fund and Puregold Price Club signed an agreement to provide additional benefits to Pag-IBIG.

“We want to maximize the value of Pag-IBIG membership through the Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card. The project is our way of showing loyalty to our 16.4 million members, as it makes Pag-IBIG more relevant in the lives of Pag-IBIG members through benefits that they can enjoy more frequently. What we did was to tie up with private sector entities that can offer discounts and privileges to our Pag-IBIG members. One such benefit is earning Peso points on groceries that this partnership with Puregold will provide,” said Florencio O. Galang, Jr., Officer-in-Charge of the Public Relations and Information Services Group of Pag-IBIG Fund.

Galang added that the Loyalty Card is also the best way for Pag-IBIG members to have their permanent Membership Identification (MID) numbers at hand because it will be printed on the card. As of July 2016, there are more than 2 million Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card holders in the country. Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card holders will earn one (1) point for a minimum purchase worth P400.00 of any item, paid in cash or credit card, at any Puregold store. Each point is equivalent to P1.00 which they can use to purchase items at Puregold. Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card holders must have at least 50 points to use or redeem earned points at any Puregold store. As of June 2016, more than 94,000 points were granted to Loyalty Card holders who shopped at Puregold, has 260 outlets nationwide, offering a wide range of consumer products, furniture, and appliances.

Pag-IBIG members who are interested to avail of the Loyalty Card can proceed to the nearest Pag-IBIG Fund branch nationwide. Those who are employed can coordinate with their company’s Human Resources Department for enrollment kiosks to be deployed to their offices. The Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card also provides additional benefits to Pag-IBIG members in the form of special discounts and rewards when they pay for medicine, groceries, tuition, fuel, travel, and many more at any of the 119 partner-merchants in the country. 


Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. celebrates the Filipino Culture with their week long participation in the Kadayawan Festival. The brand introduced the Mio Ride your Story campaign to the region that featured the Mio Sporty, Mio i 125, Mio Soul i 125, and Mio 125 Mxi. It revolves around the philosophy of breaking through and realizing how unique and special an individual’s identity really is. 

The Rizal Park became the Mio Motorcycles’ home in Davao where they were all displayed for the public. A free test ride was conducted for the davaoenos to determine which motorcycle was best suited for their personality. Of course, riding wouldn’t be the only feature. This is a festival after all. 

Yamaha also threw a party for everyone in attendance that featured Multi-Award winning band, Pupil. If that wasn’t enough the Philippine Pop-Rock Princess, Yeng Constantino, was also part of the festivities that gave the audience an unforgettable experience. To end the festival, Yamaha rolled out its own float during the Kadayawan Grand Parade. This fusion of ethnic excellence and motorcycle ingenuity is a pairing that is unusual yet a special bond that was witnessed, felt, and will always have a place in the hearts of everyone in the festival.

More online processes for Pag-IBIG members

Pag-IBIG members can now conveniently do business with Pag-IBIG Fund for their housing loan-related transactions, through the Pag-IBIG Fund website, Aside from reducing processing time, Pag-IBIG is also beefing up its electronic processes, as it supports President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s directive to ease the processing challenges of its transacting public.

In a statement, Florencio O. Galang, Jr., Officer-in-Charge of the Public Relations and Information Services Group of Pag-IBIG Fund, said that Pag-IBIG has online facilities for the housing transactions of Pag-IBIG members.

"Pag-IBIG housing loan borrowers may now apply for a housing loan through the Fund's Online Housing Loan Application (OHLA) in the convenience of their own homes, offices, or practically any place where they have access to the internet," said Galang.

OHLA works like an appointment schedule system. Members who lodged their application online are still required to bring the complete requirements at their designated Pag-IBIG offices on their scheduled date. They will be given priority through a dedicated window for online applicants.

Another system for developers called Developers' Online Housing Loan Application (DOHLA) is also available and works just like OHLA. According to Galang, Pag-IBIG members can expect further improvements from these services. "Some enhancements for the online services are in the works. More than an appointment scheduler, we hope to provide efficient, convenient, and complete online housing loan transactions to our members," he said.

The Fund also launched recently the online retrieval of the Confirmation of Coverage (COC) of loan insurance of Pag-IBIG housing loan borrowers.

The COC is an electronic copy of the details of the housing loan borrower's coverage for Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI) or Sales Redemption Insurance (SRI). It may be downloaded and printed directly from the Fund's website.

The MRI and SRI secure the full payment of the housing loan in case of death or permanent disability of the borrowers, provided that they are updated in their monthly amortization payments. "The COC confirms the borrower’s insurance coverage which is renewable every year. It also contains important information about the policy, such as the name of the insurance company, the amount of insurance, the policy period, and the plan of insurance," Galang explained.

A very small fraction of the monthly amortization of a housing loan borrower goes to the payment of MRI or SRI. Eligible housing loan borrowers may get a copy of the COC by visiting the Pag-IBIG website. Just click the "e-services" icon, log-on using the housing loan account number, choose "Online Service" option from the menu where they can download, then print or view the COC as desired.

Yamaha at Silliman University

Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. Revs through Campuses all over the Philippines to showcase the Mio Ride your Story Campaign. The first stop was the Silliman University where students got to know more about the Mio Sporty, Mio i 125, Mio Soul i 125, and Mio 125 Mxi. Aside from being outstanding motorcycles the Mio Motorcycles represent more than transportation. Each has their own unique characteristics that fit different personalities and passions that are represented by each individual. Parts of the campus tour are different activities for students to experience the products from its philosophy and actual riding efficiency.

The Yamaha Safe Riding Science program is an opportunity for students to learn the basics of riding, safety, and rules of the road in an environment that is supervised by Certified Yamaha Instructors. The Yamaha Talk is a segment that tackles the different challenges a student faces during school and how to overcome them. Yamaha values the importance of how a student learns, and fully experiences the College life and how pursuing their passion will lead to their breakthrough.

The discussions were led by breakthrough artists who shared their own experiences during their school days. Spoken Word Artist Mai Mai Cantillano, Music Extraordinaire DJ Nina, and Singing Sensation Tj Monterde all had something valuable to share with the students. As an additional treat for everyone in Silliman University, was the performance of each artist who showcased their talents, their passion that allowed to breakthrough and ride their story. Yamaha will continue to go around the country and make sure that students remain dedicated to learning and pursuing their passions. The next stop will be LaSalle Bacolod and the Mio Ride your Story campaign will be in full swing.

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Pag-IBIG Fund partners with PASEI to cover more OFWs

Pag-IBIG Fund partnered with placement agencies to encourage Filipino workers applying for work overseas to register with the Fund.

“Republic Act No. 9679 or the Home Development Mutual Fund Law of 2009 requires overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to register their membership with Pag-IBIG Fund. In line with Pag-IBIG’s move to build strategic partnerships with the private sector, specifically with groups and associations involved with OFWs, we entered into a partnership with the Philippine Association of Service Exporters, Inc. (PASEI), a non-profit, non-government corporation of overseas recruitment agencies,” said Atty. Darlene Marie B. Berberabe, Pag-IBIG Fund President and Chief Executive Officer.

Through the partnership, participants attending the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) conducted by PASEI are required to register with Pag-IBIG and be active Pag-IBIG members. During the PDOS, Pag-IBIG personnel gave briefings to OFW applicants on Pag-IBIG’s programs and services. Pag-IBIG members and prospective members can also inquire on Pag-IBIG member benefits, register or update their membership, pay their Pag-IBIG savings, inquire on Pag-IBIG’s short-term loan or housing loan, and apply for the Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card at the Pag-IBIG kiosk set up at the PDOS venues.

Atty. Berberabe added, “We encourage our OFWs to register with Pag-IBIG, not just because it is required by law, but more importantly because it offers programs that are beneficial to them. Our savings programs give them an effective mechanism to save their hard-earned money. Our members’ savings are tax-free and government-guaranteed, and earn annual dividends at rates higher than other savings facilities. Our housing programs offer competitive interest rates, as low as 5.5% for the one-year repricing period. In 2015, our OFW members who availed of Pag-IBIG’s housing loans borrowed a total of P12.151 Billion, which is almost 28% of the total corporate loan amount of P43.932 Billion. The average housing loan take-out of an OFW was P993.44 Million, higher than the corporate average of P771.57 Million.”

OFW members can continue remitting their savings with Pag-IBIG even when they already reside in the country of their work, or when seafarers are aboard their ships, through partner collecting agents located worldwide or via credit cards issued by Visa or MasterCard.

As of June 2016, OFWs comprise 27% of total Pag-IBIG membership, or 4.4 million of the total 16.6 million members worldwide.


The ribbon cutting during the grand opening of History Con 2016 with the executives and celebrities
Close encounter with the celebrities

The first-ever entertainment convention of its kind here in Manila was open last August 25 to 28 August 2016. Jam-packed with activities and displays that will bring HISTORY to life and immerse visitors in the HISTORY® experience. Like the channel, HISTORY Con will be epic in scale and cover a broad range of genres and interests, with dedicated areas for the paranormal/sci-fi, survival and adventure, motoring, history and culture. The four-day ticketed event was held at the World Trade Center and will be opened to the public.

Mr. Prem Kamath
According to Prem Kamath, Deputy Managing Director, A+E Networks Asia, “We are thrilled to make history with the launch of HISTORY Con, the biggest entertainment convention of its kind, in Manila. HISTORY Con reinvents the way we connect with our audiences, as an on-ground extension of our brand that offers something for everyone, whether they’re our loyal fans who just can’t get enough of HISTORY, or they’re curious onlookers who are new to our brand. This will be an experience beyond the television screen, which will engage visitors at a deeper level and allow them to feel, live and see history come alive in an entertaining way,” HISTORY Con will feature a star-studded lineup of popular HISTORY personalities who will make appearances, sign autographs, host talks and conduct workshops. Fans will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with ANCIENT ALIEN’s Giorgio Tsoukalos; STORAGE WARS’ Brandi and Jarrod; GANGLAND UNDERCOVER’S Damon Ru/nyan; PHOTO FACE-OFF’s Justin Mott; and the cast of CELEBRITY CAR WARS, which includes several Filipino celebrities like KC Montero, Joey Mead King and Marc Nelson and professional car driver, Gaby Dela Merced. The latter is HISTORY Asia’s brand-new original production that follows celebrities as they compete in automotive challenges.

The following pictures are some of the booths at the History Con 2016:

Each booth at HISTORY Con will have its own distinct theme that showcases HISTORY’s most popular series, including ANCIENT ALIENS, SWAMP PEOPLE, STORAGE WARS, ALONE, PAWN STARS, COUNTING CARS, LEEPU & PITBULL, RIDE N’ SEEK WITH JAIME DEMPSEY, PHOTO FACE-OFF and CELEBRITY CAR WARS. HISTORY Con will also include the large rally of automobiles from cars, motorcycles and boats, featuring restored classics and customized rides. For history buffs, there will be a section dedicated to historical characters, a Philippines Presidential limousines display, and World War II exhibits. In addition, visitors can take a 3D experience into our Solar System at the virtual reality booth with Oculus Rift, flex their muscles and take on other strongmen and women at arm wrestling, or get a ringside seat at Muay Thai and boxing demonstrations. Visitors will also be eligible to participate in raffle draws to win fabulous prizes. For the first time, fans will also be able to catch exclusive screenings of premiering HISTORY shows.
Mini presscon during the History Con 2016 event:Giorgio Tsoukalos, Ancient Aliens; Brandi Passante, Storage Wars; Jarrod Schulz, Storage Wars; Damon Runyan, Gangland Undercover; Ian Matthews, Gangland Undercover; Justin Mott, Photo Face-Off; Bobby Tonelli, Celebrity Car Wars; Marc Nelson, Celebrity Car Wars; Joey Mead King, Celebrity Car Wars; KC Montero, Celebrity Car Wars; Gaby Dela Merced, Celebrity Car Wars; and Simon Yin, History Hustle
Event-goers are also invited to make history by participating in three world-record-breaking attempts at HISTORY Con. One of the Guinness World Records that HISTORY aims to break at the Convention is the record for the longest TV-watching marathon – currently set at 94 hours!

In conjunction with HISTORY Con, local middle school and universities in Metro Manila have been invited to take part in the HISTORY Bee Inter-school Competition, where the winning school will be crowned HISTORY Bee School Champion in Manila. HISTORY will also launch a talent search for HISTORY’s next Digital Host. A separate announcement will be made with further information and entry requirements.

HISTORY Con is promoted by Viva Communications Inc. Tickets for HISTORY Con are priced from Php200 onwards. More details and other activities is available on the HISTORY Con website.

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InnoGen Pharma brings the two products: LesoFat and LesoCarb

Taken during the Lesofat & Lesocarb Press Event (left to right): Marielle Mamaclay, Cindy Patrimonio, Amelia Q. Yuga, InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc. General Manager; Mitch Miranda-Fabella, Dietician-Nutritionist; Nel S. Lopez, InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc. Group Product Manager; Dr. Jimmy Aragon, Internal Medicine; John Paul Guevara, InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc Business Unit Head and Jill Ngo, Host.

InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc., is a Company that makes a difference in the pharmaceutical industry through its thrust that is geared towards improving existing products into new forms making them acceptable drugs; that are cost-effective but of excellent quality, that will redound to the benefit and welfare of the end-users. Filipino-owned pharmaceutical companies which was initiated in June 2010. From the different therapeutic class of products; into it now only has the following areas of concentration: the Cardio-Metabolic Division, CNS and Gastro Division, and the Anti-infective and Respiratory Division. Ethical Marketing and Promotions are on a national coverage. InnoGen Pharmaceuticals Inc., is simply characterized by the catchphrase "Innovating Generics," and our battle cry is: "We Value Life."

Obesity is described as a medical condition in which your body fat has accumulated to the point that it may have an adverse effect on your health. Obesity is ruled when you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) higher than 25. A normal BMI should be from 18.5 to 24.9. Know your BMI by following the formula of weight divided by height. In a 2011 survey, it shows that 22.3% of Filipinos adults are overweight and 6.1% are obese. Philippines is on top of the list together with India as countries with the highest obese population according to a report from United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Another survey by Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) also shows that 3 out of 10 Filipinos are obese which shows an alarming statistics. More than the physical attribute, wanting to lose weight should be an indication of an approach to a healthy lifestyle. Becoming healthy should be on top of everybody’s choice, since obesity is the main culprit of several health risk such as Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Heart diseases and Back pain.

A healthy lifestyle leaves you fit, energetic and at reduced risk for disease, based on the choices you make about your daily habits. Good nutrition, daily exercise and stress management. “Living a healthy lifestyle takes commitment and discipline. You must determined to reap the benefits. Simple chages can give results!”


  • People sometimes confuse thirst with hunger so you can end up eating extra calories when an ice-cold glass of water is really what is really what you need.

  • Work vegetables into meals instead of just serving them as sides on a plate.
  • Instead of cutting out your favorite foods altogether, be a slim shopper.

  • Studies show people who eat 4-5 meals or snacks per day are better able to control their appetite and weight. (ADA, 2011)
  • Dividing your daily calories into smaller meals or snacks and enjoying as many of them as you can early in the day.

  • Super-sized portions seems to be a national epidemic.
  • Portion Control is the key

  • You  can save from 100-200 calories if you reduce the portion of starch on your plate and increase the amount of vegetables.
  • We tend to overeat carbohydrates.
  • Make a DAILY habit of eating vegetables during lunch and dinner.

  • The increased shelf life is created by the addition of additives and a handful of salt.
  • Chemicals that preserve, control and enhance the flavor could be damaging to the body.

  • Have a non-interrupted 6-8 hours of sleep everyday.
  • Sleep is the only way for our body to recuperate and re-energize.
  • Lack of sleep and fatigue can lead to OVEREATING.

  • Focus on dealing with stress through exercise, relaxation, meditation, reading, music or whatever works for you.

  • Make exercise an adventure by trying our new sports and activities.
  • Include friends in your exercise routine.
  • Start with 5000 Steps per day and increase your goal weekly.
  • Don’t use exercise either to punish yourself for eating or to “earn” the right to eat more.
  • Instead focus on how great you feel, how much better you sleep and how much more energy you have when you exercise.
  • Physical activity is good for you whether you are trying to lose weight or not, so keep it positive and build a lifelong habit.

  • Take mini-walks – Walk during coffee breaks. Arrange a walk-and-talk instead of a sit-and-talk meeting.
  • Climb stairs – Walk at least some of the distance or down in office buildings.
  • Park and walk – Park farther away from the office (or the store when shopping), instead of trying to get as close as possible.
  • Walk on your lunch break – You’ll return refreshed. Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Move while on the phone – Stand and move around while talking on the phone. Do some stretches.
  • Swing your arms, turn your neck, or wiggle your toes – any kind of movement helps.
  • If you have an office chair with wheels (a swivel chair) – then you can do some arm workouts right at your desk . Just hold onto the edge of your desk while you are seated in the chair, and use your arm muscles to pull yourself close to the desk, and then push yourself back away. This will work your biceps.
  • Walk or bike to work – If you’re riding a bus, get off a few blocks away from your office and walk enjoyably. Biking is a very good exercise everyday.
  • Conduct meetings outside – Schedule meetings outdoors. This will give you a fresher air and of course a simple exercise together with your officemates. Schedule a walking meeting to brainstorm ideas with your supervisors or co-workers.
  • Do some dips – With the palm of your hands on your chair and feet on the floor, scoot your rear and off the end of your chair. Bend your elbows, lowering your body, then straighten your arms to return to the starting position.
  • Hand Squeezes – Helps your fingers, wrists, and lower arms. Simply clench and release your hands for a count of 5 and alternate. This helps to relieve tension, and may even help increase your typing speed.

InnoGen Pharma introduced their 2 ambassadress who undergo their weight loss program:

1) Cindy Patrimonio’s Weight Loss Story

Cindy Patrimonio, wife of celebrity cager Alvin Patrimonio was quick to admit being guilty of Yoyo dieting in her younger days. She would compensate eating her favourite food by spending time at the gym. Working out neutralizes her food intake thus she often rely on her physical activity to maintain her ideal weight.

Problem came when Cindy reached the age where metabolisms slows down drastically, she finds herself not being in control of her weight gain. Caught in harsh criticism of the public, Cindy couldn’t care less as she is only accountable for her own body. Realization only came at the time when she decided that she needs to be healthy for her own sake and her family. This was her turning point.
Cindy quips, I decided I needed to change and start to get healthy last year. I was feeling sluggish, feeling bad about how I looked.  Being overweight for 16 years was long enough.  I wanted to do it in a healthy and sturdy way.  I was also feeling depressed mentally because of certain problems in life and I wanted to divert all that negative energy into something that would be a challenge for me.
Cindy’s biggest challenge was cutting back on her food intake as this is something new to her. She watched a lot of videos and research and soon as she got the hang of it, it was as easy as cooking pancakes according to Cindy.

Another challenge for weight lost is when you run into a plateau, this is common among women and having to level up one’s fitness activity level should be continuous. Lucky for Cindy, Alvin is all out in supporting her and would often find himself accompanying her every now and then during her work out sessions.

2) Marielle Mamaclay’s Journey to Weight Loss

Singing out to a lighter figure nowadays is World Videoke champion Marielle Mamaclay.  Being a performer, one has to look presentable. Thus, when Marielle reached her heaviest weight and started to lose confidence, she felt ugly and cried a lot.

Marielle’s weight problem also took a toll on her health, she found herself getting sick almost every month. This was her wake up call. She still have big dreams for her family and could not let herself go down in spiral due to her weight problem.

She started a healthy diet and increased her physical activity. Weight loss would not be effective if you feel deprived. Thus, Marielle gives herself cheat days, giving in to her cravings of Pizza every once in a while.

Having cheat days are important in keeping up with weight loss struggles as it gives you the much needed balance. Both Cindy and Marielle credit their weight loss journey with the help of LesoFat and LesoCarb. It’s always better to #BeArmedwithLesofat and #ThinkLesocarb.

Sustaining Activities
In trying to lose weight, we cannot rely on supplements alone. Choosing the right diet coupled with physical activities should be maintained to achieve your desired weight. Many are quick to blame inefficiency of a product due to their own lethargy, supplements are not magic potions which can transform your body without having to exert any effort. Innogen Pharma brings to you two products that will help you with your Journey to Wellness. Innogen Pharma realizes the need to complement Filipino craving for High-Fat and High Carbo diet.

1) LesoFat

LesoFat (Orlistat) blocks 30% of your fat intake through pancreatic lipase inhibition, it is in pelletech capsule for a uniform distribution and is non-systemic and works only in the Gastro-Intestinal Tract (GIT).  LesoFat comes in two forms, 120mg that is suited for obese adults and 60mg for obese teenagers. Sold at Php33.00 (120mg) and Php29.75 (60mg) in box of 20’s. It is advised to take 1 capsule of LesoFat every high fat meal.

2) LesoCarb

LesoCarb is an all-natural lifestyle supplement made out of white kidney bean, It reduces the absorption of carbohydrates from food intake up to 66%, It is also non-systemic and works only in the GIT.  Inhibits the starch digesting enzyme alpha-amylase by interfering the conversion of starch into glucose, thus, it lessens calorie absorption to the body. LesoCarb is available in 500mg capsule and sold at Php14.75/cap in box of 42’s. LesoCarb should be taken in 1-2 capsule dosage every high carbohydrate meal.

LesoFat and LesoCarb are available in leading drugstores nationwide. For more information and tips, follow them on Facebook: @Lesofat and @LesoCarb

Honda Philippines joined Victory Ride in Davao City

The Leading Motorcycle Manufacturer in the Philippines, Honda Philippines,Incorporated (HPI) conquers Davao City to sponsor the Motorcycle Riding Community of Davao the “Victory Ride” Activity. Approximately around 1,600 Riders composed of more than 50 Clubs all over Davao and nearby towns came for the said event. It was a fun, thrilling and exciting day for DavaoeƱo’s as Honda prepared various activities to all riders after the ride.

The unity ride took place in Davao City hall grounds where a great number of riders gathered in numbers. A short briefing was done to simulate the flow of the ride and because of the huge number we also sought some help with Local Government Units. This is riders ended their short ride to a small but cozy resort in Davao the Vales beach resort where whole day of surprises started.

After settling on their cottages, Honda gave the tired riders with their own treats! Free Mang Danny’s Ice Cream, a well known ice cream make in davao, Free merienda treats; free haircut and free massage. These treats were open to all the riders. As riders took liberty to get these amenities ,they also had the chance to see the latest motorcycles of Honda Philippines,the new line- up of Gen-S bikes; The new Honda BeAT Fi; Zoomer X; Click 125i;CB150 Streetfire; and the new RS150, the hottest 150cc motorcycle on the road.

Lunch time came and Honda Philippines took care of this part. Riders were treated with a bountiful meal that made them surprised.Program started after lunch,Honda provided a short awareness about the power of Gen –S bikes and the highlights of PGM-FI,that made riders under more of its value. As darkness shrouded the sky,party started in Vales Beach. Good sounds was provided by local DJs' along with booze while another round of Honda treat of Lechon Baboy was served. Prizes freebies and food were overflowing for all the riders.

The night won’t be complete without a good laugh provided by the local look-a-like of Vice Ganda with the famous local reggae band, NAIRUD sa Wadab. After the good show of our local comedians, and reggae Band;fire dancers came into a finale with their amazing skills.The night came to an end with raffle draws. Freebies and minor prizes were given away by other sponsors of the event but Honda sponsored a brand new unit of our most selling Scooter Model,Honda BeAT Fi, for the lucky rider of the night. The night gave the awareness not just pride but also excitement with the whole family of Riders and Honda.

For more about Gen-S Scooters and other motorcycle products, events, visit the Honda Philippines Incorporated website, or click “Like” on the Honda Philippines, Incorporated Facebook page,

Beyond the Box collaborates with renowned Filipino comic artists

Beyond the Box pushes limit through Tech Powered Comic Art and celebrating the amazing talent and creativity found in Filipino comic book artistry. Bringing together some of the country’s most respected and known comic artists to create a one-of-a-kind comic book compilation, the first in the Philippines made solely using the Apple iPad Pro and hopes to empower Filipinos to do just that—to go beyond their limitations by exploring the possibilities of their creativity using power of modern technology. The three comic artists, namely Harvey Tolibao, Manix Abrera, and Mervin Malonzo have been challenged to write and illustrate under the theme “beyond”, as an ode to Beyond the Box as a brand that encourages pushing limits and exploring possibilities.
The three comic artists presented during the press launch
Harvey Tolibao is a Filipino comic book artist who has gained recognition by pencilling and inking for Dark Horse, Marvel and DC Comics. He is currently a cover artist at Zenescope Entertainment, a comic book artist at IDW Publishing, an artist at Nautilus Comics, and a cover artist for DC Comics. Manuel “Manix” Abrera is a Filipino comic artist best known for his daily comic strip Kikomachine for The Philippine Daily Inquirer and his webcomic News Hardcore! on GMA News Online. Mervin Malonzo is a Filipino freelance designer, artist, animator, illustrator and cartoonist for web, video & animation, print and comics. He is known for writing and drawing the National Book Award-winning comic TABI PO, and his work with writer Adam David for ANG SUBERSIBO, a comic adaptation of Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

Had a chance to encounter the 3 comic artist and look what I got from them:

The project is a creative collaboration between the CEO of Digits Trading Inc. Charlie Paw and Graphic Designer Dan Matutina, who jumpstarted the idea. Matutina explains the project's theme, “To go beyond is all about creativity, discovery, and adventure. I can't wait to see the worlds and stories the artists will create.” Paw enthuses, “The art of comics has evolved. Technology not only makes the entire process easier, it also emboldens the artists by empowering them to take more risks.”

Beyond the Box will be launching the comic book compilation along with artist signings with Harvey Tolibao, Manix Abrera, and Mervin Malonzo at the AsiaPOP Comicon this August 26-28, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

For more information, you may visit or LIKE Beyond the Box on Facebook and FOLLOW @beyondtheboxph on Instagram.

Asia Dream Cup – Indonesia Leg, The first Podium for the Philippines

Honda loves Challenges as they continue to develop new breed of Riders through Asia Dream Cup 2016. Asia Dream Cup is a  scholarship program for young aspiring riders all over  Southeast Asia with the aim of producing young GP riders in the future.

Koko Masaharu Tadachi is one of the aspiring young riders molded by Honda to be one of the best racers in the Asean Region. The Philippines Pride is aggressively reaching his dream to make it to the podium as he continue to grow and  develop his racing skills  and abilities.

Koko Tadachi and Team Honda Philippines  made History  when the 16-  year old rider  earned his first podium and a first for Philippines in the 4th Round of the Asia Dream Cup  an International Road Race competition, Indonesia leg held in  Sentul International  Circuit.
Tadachi  strived and finished 3rd  Place last  August 5-7,2016 out of nineteen (19) competing countries.

A big achievement for the Philippines as we  continue to discover and motivate young Filipino racers nationwide.  Honda Philippines Rider Koko Tadachi  will be  back in the Asia Road Racing Championship  in India by September.

Honda Love Challenges because we have the Power of Dreams!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

MERALCO’s upcoming technology and innovation summit MTECH 2016

Top MERALCO executives, led by its President and CEO Oscar Reyes (center, in white), press a red button to signal the opening of MERALCO Technology and Innovation Summit (#MTECH2016) now on its second year.
Open from August 23 to 25, 2016 (Tuesday to Thursday), the Exhibit Zone in the MERALCO Lopez Building Lobby, will showcase the company’s leading technology partner brands such as, Dell, Hitachi, SAP, Pazifik Power, Lenovo, Symantec + Blue Coat, CALIBR8, Schneider Electric, Indra, Siemens, Huawei, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Salesforce, Microsoft, Trends and Technologies Inc., Trend Micro, Geodata Systems Technologies, WSI, Smart, PLDT and Radius Telecoms will showcase their latest innovations. Moreover, MERALCO Kuryente Load – the power utility’s prepaid electricity service – will also be demonstrated. Will stage a must-see Exhibit and Experience Zone, which will showcase the latest products and services from the power utility’s business and technology partners.
Meralco Chief Technology Advisor Gavin Barfield (rightmost) is joined by Meralco VP and Head of Marketing, Customer Solutions and Product Development Tony Valdez (4th from right) and Meralco Senior AVP and Head of Corporate Technology Strategy and Architecture Carlo Casem (3rd from right) as they show to media how household lighting can be managed via a smart meter. #MTECH2016
Meralco SVP Al Panlilio (third from left), who heads Customer Retail Services and Corporate Communications, fields a question from the media during a press briefing following a guided tour through the Experience Zone. #MTECH2016
MERALCO Chief Technology Advisor Gavin D. Barfield said the exhibits would demonstrate the huge amount of technology and innovation that is going on at MERALCO as we embrace the digital age. “We are utilizing the latest technology to improve our grid operations, provide more consumption information and convenience to our customers and to roll out new products and services. At MERALCO, we are engraining technology and innovation into our DNA.”
One of the exhibitors at #MTECH2016, Hewlett-Packard, showcases one its latest innovations in enterprise solutions that include servers and cloud computing systems.
A sales representative of Microsoft Philippines explains to a guest how data analytics and real-time remote monitoring work. #MTECH2016
The Experience Zone, which will be situated inside the MERALCO Theatre Lounge will feature Smart Home Solutions by Schneider Electric (which includes appliance control and electric consumption monitoring), Indra (smart sensors and appliance control through smart plugs) and CALIBR8 (electric consumption monitoring and analytics).
Visitors at the #MTECH2016 also have a chance to attend pocket sessions on various ICT topics that include energy management and power solutions conducted by experts in the field.

#MTECH2016 Exhibits and Experience Zone are open until August 25 (Thursday) at the MERALCO Lopez Building main lobby.
The following pocket sessions will also be held at the exhibit venue:

Day 1, August 23:

  • Transforming Customer Engagement in the Digital Economy by Robert Williams of SAP  
  • ArcFM, Your Solution for Advanced Asset and Network Management by Gerome San Pablo of Schneider Electric

Day 2, August 24:

  • Organizational Transformation through ICT Solutions by Ravi Singh of Hitachi
  • Harnessing Intelligent Data with Azure and Power Business Intelligence by Angelo Miguel Arcilla of Microsoft
  • Grid Resilience and Demand-side Management by K. Anand GOPAL Menon of Siemens

Day 3, August 25:

  • Intel Unite by Charles Ty of Intel and Lenovo
  • The Smart Life by Smart Communications

The MTECH Event will conclude on Friday with a day-long forum featuring MERALCO’s technology vision and presentations from international speakers.

For more details, visit