Friday, August 12, 2016

Fight against diabetes

 The Philippines is one of the world’s emerging diabetes hotspots. Ranked in the top 15 in the world for diabetes prevalence, Philippines is home to more than 4 million people diagnosed with the disease – and a worryingly large unknown number who are unaware they have diabetes. One of the many reasons of the increase in our blood sugar level is the increase in take of processed food and food with high fat. This will result diabetes and find out how you can help your loved one in fighting diabetes in the most inexpensive and natural way.

Don’t you know that Ampalaya is one of the ten most effective plant endorsed by the Department of Health and very effective in maintaining blood sugar level or can help lower blood sugar level.

The Natural Quality Corporation is the maker and the one selling the Ampalaya Plus, a natural dietary food supplement which aid to maintain a normal blood sugar.

Last August 11, 2016, Dr. Emil Aligui, Medical Consultant of Natural Quality Corporation gives consultation on-air thru the program of Baranggay Simbayanan at 9:40-9:50 in the morning at Veritas 846. Dr. Emil Aligui informed the listeners the benefits of incorporating Ampalaya to our daily diet.

For more information and testimonial regarding the benefits of Ampalaya Plus, you may refer to this link: Veritasph/posts/ 1111619065548045?__mref= message_bubble

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