Sunday, August 21, 2016


Shown in picture (l-r) are Derek Ramsay, HFHP Ambassador; Fernando Zobel de Ayala, HFHP Capital Campaign Cabinet Chairman; Charlie Ayco, HFHP Managing Director and CEO; and Arch. Jose Pedro Recio, HFHP National Board of Trustees President. 

Habitat for Humanity Philippines (HFHP) is a non-profit organization that serves Filipino families in need of decent homes. We bring together partners who share the same vision of transforming lives through building responsible and sustainable communities. Habitat for Humanity Philippines (Habitat) has launched its latest initiative: ‘The Plus Can Project’, alongside the organization’s celebrity Ambassador, Derek Ramsay, last August 3 at the Habitat national office.

The Plus Can has a unique coin slot in the shape of a plus sign (+), illustrating that by getting involved everyone can be a ‘plus’ to humanity. This latest fundraising project of Habitat aims to encourage more support towards the housing advocacy in improving the poverty housing situation of the country.

“The Plus Can means more homes for the homeless, more decent shelter for survivors of disaster, more permanent dwellings for the displaced and more productive communities for our nation. It is also a reminder that we are all part of a larger family — the Filipino family,” Ramsay said.

According to Mr. Charlie Ayco, Habitat Managing Director and CEO, “There is a housing backlog of more than five million families in the Philippines, and in order for this to be addressed everyone needs to take action. The Plus Can is one way Habitat aims to reach individuals from all sectors to support our advocacy of building more healthy and sustainable homes for families in need.”

To show your support and for information on how to get a Habitat Plus Can of your own, please visit:

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