Friday, August 5, 2016

PHILTA "Snap" Election violates organization's constitution

 The recent election of the new Philippine Tennis Association  (PHILTA) president is in a bind as multiple violations of the organization’s by-laws have been committed, which might nullify the results of the said election.  

After the resignation of then PHILTA president Edwin Olivarez on July 15, a special meeting was called by PHILTA Secretary General Romeo Magat. The special meeting in which an election of a new president transpired, was held on July 29.
According to PHILTA Vice-President Randy Villanueva, the election process committed the following violations of the PHILTA by-laws:

 1. Special Meeting 

     a.) According to by-laws, notice should be in writing or in person. The meeting notice however was sent via email only.

     b.) According to by-laws, notice should be minimum of 3 weeks. The meeting notice however was sent last July 21 which was only 8 days prior to actual special meeting.

     c.) According to by-laws, the authorized person to call for a special meeting are the following: Board of Trustees, president or upon the petition of 1/3 of the general membership. 

          However, the special meeting was called by Mr. Romeo Magar who is unauthorized based on the requirements of the by-laws.

2. Election 

    a.) According to by-laws, member of the board should vote in person and proxy is not allowed. However, 3 of the 7 votes for the new president were from proxies.  Moreover, there was no quorum during the election as most of the attendees were just proxies.

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