Thursday, August 11, 2016

Roasted chicken business of Bounty Agro Ventures

Masarap Kahit Walang Sauce. Chooks-to-Go provides the best value-for-money, farm-to-table goodness by serving ready-to-go, quality oven roasted chicken.

BAVI and its sister company, Bounty Fresh Foods, Inc., are the biggest egg producer and the second largest poultry integrator in the Philippines. BAVI also operates the largest and fastest-growing roasted chicken chain in the country, with more than a thousand retail outlets, to date. And with the emergence of the increasing demand for freshly cooked food-to-go, Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. (BAVI) harnessed its pool of passionate people in various business centers across the country to achieve stability, dominance, and sustainable growth. To sustain its massive operations, BAVI relies on a network of 19 business centers, 70 distributors, over 500 broiler contract farms, 16 hatcheries, nine feed mills, 19 processing plants and a network of close to 1,300 company operated stores roasting about 100,000 chickens every day.
Since launching in 2008, Chooks-to-Go has grown to be the country’s largest rotisserie chain with over 1,000 stores nationwide.

Established in 2008, Chooks-to-Go has grown to be the Philippines’ largest rotisserie chain with over 1,000 retail stores serving ready-to-go, quality oven-roasted chicken. It has enabled the farm-to-table freshness concept to reach millions of Filipino households as the best value-for-money meal, along with its fresh and frozen poultry products. BAVI is continually expanding its consumer base with the addition of new brands, Uling Roasters, Reyal and Marô. Giving a wider selection to the traditional Filipino palate is BAVI’s charcoal-roasted chicken line, Uling Roasters.  This second addition to BAVI’s ready-to-go food concept offers fresh recipes to the classic Filipino favorite, litson manok. It offers the traditional inasal and the flagship and best selling variant UR Special that uses special spices sourced all the way from Africa. From a few stores in Zamboanga in 2013, Uling Roasters now has close to 200 outlets nationwide and growing.
BAVI’s addition to the ready-to-go food concept, Uling Roasters offers delicious charcoal-roasted chicken and currently operates about 200 company-owned branches nationwide.

Reyal, BAVI’s recently-launched brand that roasts affordable “butterly-cut” chicken, aims to expand to over a hundred stores by the end of 2016.
Reyal, which was launched last year, is BAVI’s version of affordable, roasted “butterfly-cut” chicken served with sumptuous honey garlic sauce combined with chili oil and a generous sprinkling of crunch garlic bits. With the huge acceptance of the new roasted chicken variant, BAVI expects to have over a hundred stores by year-end. The latest addition to the brand is Marô — which serves freshly cooked viands. MARO offers a wide range of Asian cuisine from beef, pork, fish, and of course, the Filipino favorite chicken. Since its launch in 2015, BAVI is slowly expanding Marô in key central business districts and university areas nationwide.

BAVI’s resolve to continue growing its chicken commodity business along with the massive expansion of its various brands of retail stores for freshly cooked products.  Filipinos overseas will soon have access to their favorite food in the Philippines wherever they are in the Asian region with the roll out of BAVI rotisserie stores overseas this year.

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