Friday, September 2, 2016

Shakey’s new partner Luis Manzano

Shakey's Executives with Luis Manzano
Shakey’s has grown to be one of the Filipinos’ most favorite casual dining restaurants and first opening their doors in 1975, the Philippines’ favorite fun, family, pizza restaurant has evolved into a definite venue for good times and great memories. Shakey’s chooses to get lucky since the innovative brand continues to highlight and bring importance to the relationship they share with their Guest. This is the reason that they have decided to find a special someone who will best represent what they stand for and the special connection they have with their Guests. And that special someone is, a self-confessed Shakey’s fan himself, Luis Manzano.

 “Luis is fun. He can be everyone’s friend. His character and personality very much relates to the brand. He loves his family and he has a great network of friends,” shares Ghena Austero, Marketing Manager of Shakey’s Philippines. The brand chose Luis Manzano not only because of his funny, lovable personality but, more importantly, because he is a true and authentic fan of Shakey’s. Something that Guests can ultimately relate to. “He loves our Pepperoni pizza. Luis will be a good representation of everyone’s favorite Shakey’s moments.” With Luis as partner to Shakey’s, the brand hopes to reach out more to their Guests, to encourage them to make their own Shakey’s moments, whether if it’s for after-school bonding with friends, a midnight snack delivery with the siblings, or having Sunday lunch with the family.

Luis Manzano celebrates good times and great memories with Shakey's, recently he treated the backstage staff of his hit TV game shows to a Shakey's party of all his favorite menu items to reward them for their long hours and hard work.  He explains, “They deserve it. I merely speak in front of the camera, but everything happens behind it.”  Why Shakey's? Because he grew up with it. Since he was a child, Luis' memories with friends and family have been colored by the presence of the ever-present Shakey's pizza box. “I grew up with my extended family, so every Sunday the house was always full of people. During every reunion, there was always Shakey's. In fact, I can't remember a reunion without it.”

Luis Manzano is an authentic Shakey's fan, posting and tweeting constantly about the famous fun, family, pizza. For Luis, Shakey's isn't just about the food, although he admits that their menu is a good enough reason to keep going back. “Shakey's has a great atmosphere. It really is a place for good times and great memories because when you enter Shakey's you see families laughing and couples smiling. Everything is always so fun and so celebratory. At Shakey's, you can get to know people and enjoy your company.” This is the reason Luis believes Shakey's has lasted as long as it has. Because speaking from his own experiences, he knows that Shakey's is a brand that truly puts its Guests first. “Brands come and go—but the legends, the icons, the staples stay... and Shakey's is one of them.”
With Luis Manzano, his fun and friendly
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