Saturday, December 3, 2016

“Focus on What Matters” New Book of Coach Pia

Coach Pia

Last November 23, 2016, launched the newest book of Coach Pia Nazareno-Acevedo, “Focus on what matter”. The book is intended to help us understand and clarify what is worth focusing on in our lives. If you are dealing with confusion in your thoughts, feelings, or decisions, this book will present options for focusing on matters to help simplify your life.

This is not a book review of “Focus on what matters”, although I have a copy of the book but I haven’t read it yet because of my busy schedules. I just want to share it how important this book to us in our daily lives since “life is too short”. This book will help you discover deeper truths about yourself and that you will learn to trust your personal wisdom. Definitely in this coming days I will read this book and learn “How do I stay focused”. Along with the book I will use the daily journal to help me focus on how I’m progressing in my journey.


Coach Pia's Team

Coach Pia Nazareno—Acevedo is a Certified Professional Coach, Co—Founder and CEO of The OneCORE, ASEAN Head of the International institute for Coaching and Mentoring (llCStM), United Kingdom, and a certified member of the International Coaching Federation with expertise in Family Relationships and Personal Life Transitions.

She is the leading Certified Professional Coach favored by the country's chief executives, media personalities and key social influencers, and consistently invited to give seminars and workshops in South East Asia, Paris, London, and Rome, and throughout the Philippines on performance management, personal development, marriage and parenting.

Committed to reaching out to individuals for the past 15 years, Coach Pia continues to share basic knowledge on making Better Life Decisions on the radio and television through ABS-CBN, CMA, Teleradyo DZMM, TVs on Relasyon and Metro Radio Plus Hong Kong.

In 2010, she launched her book entitled Born To Be A Hero“. Currently a bestseller, this book was inspired by her own pivotal life transition, which came after a near—death experience where she realized that life is too short to go through hits and misses. Thus, everyone should be equipped with skills in making better life decisions.

Coach Pia and her husband

She is married to her husband, Jim Acevedo, for 17 years, with 3 sons: Marco, 16; Paolo, 13; andioshua, 5. She is also the Gallup Philippines Representative.

With Coach Pia, book signing

“Focus on What Matters” will be out in Fully Booked and selected National Bookstore branches nationwide.

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