Friday, December 2, 2016

New Brother ScanNCut CM700 Next-level The CM700 opens up new world of creative possibilities

I am the person who lack of artistic ability but thru this New Brother ScanNCut CM700 it thought me to become artistic. Last November 24, 2016 filipino crafters and creative entrepreneurs, welcome the world’s first home and hobby cutting machine with built-in scanner and Wi-Fi capability: the Brother ScanNCut CM700.

Working on your next big arts and crafts project can be fun, convenient, and wireless with the new Brother ScanNCut CM700. Designed for different types of artists and crafters—from newbies and amateurs to serious professionals and modern entrepreneurs—this machine can scan, cut, and even draw an endless range of patterns and designs with ease and precision like never before.

“At Brother, we believe in using innovation to complement the lives and passions of our customers,” said Glenn Hocson, Brother Philippines President. “The Brother ScanNCut CM700 is just one of the latest innovations we are bringing in for Filipino artists, crafters, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life.”

Create on different devices with the new wireless feature
Always at the forefront of technology and innovation, Brother is constantly designing and developing features that enhance daily life and activities for its users. With the CM700, users can now create patterns and designs on their smartphones and tablet computers anytime and anywhere, then instantly send them over to the cutting machine through a wireless network.

“By giving the CM700 Wi-Fi capability, Brother is truly changing the way users think about cutting machines forever,” added Hocson. “Users can enjoy hundreds of built-in designs that can eliminate the need for design cartridges or PC connections, and now they can use their own unique designs created on mobile devices for their projects whenever, wherever.”

I am very happy to join the ScanNCut Workshop:

                                                                    PROJECT 1
                                                                            Tote Bag
                                                (Kindly read the instructions thoroughly.)

1. Place the heat transfer paper on your Scan N Cut mat then load it into the Scan N Cut machine.

2. Click "Scan" and then 'Direct Cut' and then press start Wait for the machine to finish scanning

3. Make sure that the pressure of your blade is right for the paper your are using

4. After the scanning, press okay then "Cut'. The machine will start cutting your images

5. Unload the Scan N Cut Mat and peel off the paper using the spatula

6. Position the images on the bag as desired and and stick a tape at the back to hold the position

7. Ask your friendly Brother Representatives to assist you on ironing it!

8. Voila! You have your personalized bag!


                                          P R O J ECT 2
                                                                     Christmas Card
                                             (Kindly read the instructions thoroughly.)

1. Place your A4 paper with the 2 printed Santa claus Head in the scan N Cut Mat and then load it onto the Scan N Cut machine

2. Click "Scan' and then Direct Cut After the Scan N Cut has recognized the scanned file, press 'ok' and then cut'

3. Unload the Scan N Cut Mat after cutting, and then use a spatula to peel off the images

4. Place the blank white paper on the Scan N Cut mat and load it onto the machine

5. Go to the saved data and look for the file Patterns'. Scan the background, move the designs to fit the paper and then proceed to cut

6. Replace the blade holder to a pen holder. Pick a color of a pen and then place

7. it inside the pen holder cut mat, go to pattern and Place the two rectangular white paper on the Scan N then choose the word "Merry Christmas

8. Resize the word "Merry Christmas' to fit the white rectangular paper and then press draw

9. Get the first half of the paper with full square cut in front, fold it in half.

10. Paste both ends of the papers to stick them together.

11. Get the blank white paper and load it unto the Scan N Cut Mat then go to the saved data and look the file patterns and then scan the background, move the designs to fit the paper and then proceed to cut. with cutting the patterns

12. Once you are satisfied with the position, proceed with cutting the pattern.

13. Gather all the Christmas designs you cut earlier then stick the images in the front of the card using a double sided foam tape. (See the actual sample)

14. Congratulations! You have created your own customized 3D Christmas card!


Eye-catching projects and creations
The Brother CM700’s impressive features take the tedious tasks out of the equation, allowing users to focus on translating their big ideas on paper, cardstock, vinyl, and even fabric.

“The CM700 is ideal for creative entrepreneurs who want to streamline business production,” added Hocson. “This machine delivers consistent results every time, which makes projects and products look more polished and professional.”

Creating customized greeting cards, decorative stickers and decals, plush toys, fashion accessories, and more can be fast, easy, and fun—as well as allow entrepreneurs to maximize their time and resources, and keep products uniform in shape and size. All these can help with profit margins and management of customer expectations.

This scanning and cutting machine can also work for bakers and aspiring dessert tycoons who want unique package designs for their sweet treats to stand out in the competitive marketplace. The CM700 can churn out delicate die-cut designs out of different materials to make products look more attractive, delectable, and ideal for gift-giving!

Get started on exploring endless creative possibilities with the Brother ScanNCut CM700! For more information on this product and the latest innovations from Brother Philippines, visit or call (02) 581-9888.

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