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I was very thankful to Mr. Jasper “Jay Mante” Maguiguad, HICC PR and Communications Head for inviting me to their first ever HICC Media Launch yesterday. And I would like to congratulate them for the success of their event. Also I am very happy to meet and talk personally Dra. Imelda “Meddie” Eddollon, MT, MD, NMD in going into integrative medicine – a medical approach different from the conventional one that Filipinos are used to.

I learned a lot during the media launch especially the “Future of Medicine Integrative Medicine” which is treating chronic degenerative diseases where the whole person, addressing mind, body, spirit and all aspects involved becoming whole again. Learned a lot also to Chef Arlene Clemente leads HICC's Nutriment campaign especially when she made us a green leafy smoothies. I like her healthy recipes so much.
Chef Arlene Clemente

Dra.Meddie, who has been a medical practitioner for the past eight years believes that integrative medicine is best approach in healing the whole person – not just the body, but the person’s mind and soul as well. Her strong desires to make a difference made her establish the Holistic Integrative Care Center (HICC), which combines the best practices of both conventional and alternative medicine on top of her compassionate approach in handling patients. “In the field of medicine, being healthy does not mean the absence of disease. Being healthy means that one achieved a balance of everything,” she said.

According to Dra.Meddie, integrative medicine takes a holistic approach which means that everything about a patient is being treated – their mind, body and soul. It is so encompassing diagnosing a patient can take at least an hour. This field of medical science combines the use of conventional medicine, traditional medicine, herbal medicine, proper and monitored diet, lifestyle modification, psychological analysis and many other approaches depending on the condition of a patient. It establishes that sickness may be brought about by many factors such as medical background, emotional problems, improper diet, constant stress, mental conditions and even environmental conditions.

Dra.Meddie started practicing integrative medicine in 2012 and established HICC in 2015 to cater to the needs of clients or patients who have had long-standing, seemingly incurable illnesses which remained unresolved by standard medical practice and procedures. She spent time in studying many treatment methods and various medical institutions abroad offering alternative medical studies.

She opted to focus on HICC after personally witnessing how integrative medicine saved her father’s life after he suffered from multiple organ failure (lungs, heart and kidney failure). Like many who refuse to give up on their loved ones, Dra. Meddie searched for a cure for her father’s apparently hopeless situation. Her search led her to integrative medicine, which in turn resulted in her father’s survival. He not only survived, but his condition improved and is still improving as of this time.
Since then, Dra.Meddie practiced integrative medicine which is governed by several international protocols. In fact, she is the only Filipino doctor who is recognized by the Gerson Institute in San Diego, California – an institution that introduces a kind of alternative therapy that cures cancer and other chronic diseases. She is also among one of the few medical integrative medicine practitioners in the Philippines, who offer patients a better quality of and a disease-free life.

For more details about HICC and how integrative medicine can change patient’s lives, please contact: Mr. Jasper "Jay Mante" Maguiguad HICC PR and Communications Head 0916-9175054 / 0918-4641137 Holistic Integrative Care Center UG 11, CPT Condominiun, Calle Estacion, Brgy Pio Del Pilar, Makati City. Website: and Like HICC on FACEBOOK search for the following pages:HICC-Holistic Integrative Care Center (

During the event also they introduced: STEMTECH
Mr. Ray Carter

Stemtech Philippines was launched last September 19, 2009 as a branch of Stemtech International, Inc. in Florida, U.S.A. More than a thousand distributors, local and foreign gathered and witnessed the event graced by Stemtech CEO Ray Carter. The event proved to be a success with the signing up eventually of more than 2000 distributors in the next year to come.

The office is well supported with an excellent computer system that allows our distributors to do remote business transaction from ordering to checking their genealogy. At Stemtech, we do not sell our products in stores. Instead, we pay Independent Business Partners – people just like you – to help share our products and income opportunity with others. Our global Distributor team includes people from all walks of life – students, doctors, retirees and at-home parents alike enjoy the benefits of the Stemtech opportunity.

We provide our business partners with the opportunity to earn residual income and the chance to create a future with more choice, more freedom and more of the things that they desire!

Aside from the income, independent business partners will have chances to enjoy life through the incentives and promotions the company introduce from time to time.

More and more Filipino began to benefit from StemEnhance and many also enjoyed the extra earnings as a business partner. Their amazing stories are widely varied from clarity of mind to cardiovascular health and many others. This just shows how Stemtech changes lives and how Stem Enhance improves the quality of life.

With the popularity of Stem Cell Theory, many broadsheets begin to write about this putting StemTech in the limelight. An example of this is an article by columnist Barbara Gonzalez. <Please check this out:> Stemtech Philippines, Inc., 2012 34F Raffles Corp. Center, F. Ortigas Rd. Ortigas Center, Pasig City Philippines 02.621.4633 /09279780501

Stemtech’s flagship product, StemEnhance®, is the world's first all-natural supplement documented to support the release of adult stem cells from bone marrow. In a clinical study this extraordinary supplement increased the number of circulating adult stem cells by approximately 3-4 million.

 StemEnhance is composed of a patented all-natural concentrate of an edible aquatic botanical known as Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae (AFA) that includes naturally-occurring Mobilin™. AFA grows naturally in a pristine environment in the Northwestern United States.

The Ultimate in Cellular Renewal
The process of cellular regeneration is essential to helping you maintain optimum health. Factors such as daily exposure to environmental toxins, physical activity, poor diet, stress and the aging process may cause a decline in your body’s ability to renew itself - putting your wellness at stake. What you need is a natural supplement that supports the natural release of adult stem cells from your bone marrow - StemEnhance is designed to do just that!

An Extraordinary Supplement
StemEnhance is different from traditional multivitamins that work by supplying nourishment to old cells. Instead, StemEnhance supports the natural release of adult stem cells, the “master” cells that maintain tissue by transforming themselves into healthy new cells. This may help you maintain universal health and give you the edge you need to feel your best. Information about product features and benefits may be found on our Product Fact Page.
StemEnhance is an important part of daily adult stem cell nutrition.*

The Scientific Study
Taking just 3 capsules of StemEnhance supports an increase in the number of naturally released adult stem cells circulating in the blood stream.

That's equivalent to about 3 or 4 million new adult stem cells in ciruculation - making StemEnhance one of the greatest wellness discoveries of our time! In case you'd like to verify the increase, it was clearly documented in a double-blind, placebo controlled crossover study published in the highly respected peer-reviewed medical journal, Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine.


- the only nutritional supplement in the world proven to support the release of your own adult stem cells!

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