Sunday, April 2, 2017

Challenge by National Book Store to Read Out Loud For A Better Future

National Bookstore is my favorite book store specially when I’m still studying even until now. I remember when I’m still in high school and college since I don’t like to stay long at the library to research, I just bought the book at National Bookstore. That’s the reason why we have a lot of books at home. Not only books that I like at National Book Store but the other things that you can see here like the school/office supplies, gift wraps, stationaries, diaries and many more.

This year, the country’s favorite book store is celebrating 75years of creating a growing nation of readers and being a strong advocate for education. As part of the festivities, NBS recently launched the Read Out Loud Challenge (ROLC) on Facebook and Instagram, aiming to promote the love of reading among Filipinos while supporting a good cause. Before you take the challenge I will give some tips before you read out loud. Start reading! Check that you’re at the right place in the book, and go for it. As you keep reading, you will probably feel yourself growing in confidence, which is great! Focus on the words, and check in with yourself every so often. Monitor the volume of your voice. Make sure you can hear yourself speaking, but don’t scream. Check your speed. Do you tend to talk really fast when you’re nervous, or slow to a drawl? Try to even it out a bit if so. You can throw in some emotion if you feel ready to do so.

Here are the simple mechanics of NBS Read Out Loud Challenge (ROLC):
  • Post a video of yourself reading out loud an excerpt from your favorite book  
  • Challenge 3 other people to do it.
  • You upload to either Facebook or Instagram,
  • Add the hashtag #ReadOutLoudChallenge and tagNational Book Store (@nbsalert).

Why we join the challenge? Because for every 75 videos posted, the NBS Foundation will set up a library in an public school, complete with Project Aklat racks that consists of DepEd-approved books. Project Aklat is an initiative started back in 2006 by the NBS Foundation, and 400 libraries have been set up since then. Now, with the ongoing ROLC campaign, NBS aims to set up 100 libraries nationwide.

Taken during the launching 
With such a worthy cause, it’s no surprise that celebrities, authors, and social media influencers have taken on the ROLC.  Leading them is no less than the founder of NBS and an advocate for literacy, Mrs. Socorro Ramos or Nanay Coring, as she is fondly called.

While the ROLC will promote and support Project Aklat, theNBS Foundation will also launch the 8th year of Project Aral this April 7, 2017 in all NBS branches nationwide. Project Aral aims to visit and help over 150 communities who lack basic school necessities. That’s why in this year’s Project Aral, there will be two different kits: The first kit which costs only 25 pesos contains 2 notebooks, 2 pencils, a sharpener, and an eraser. The second kit costs 50 pesos and  contains 2 notebooks, 2 pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, and a pair of slippers – a great gift for children who currently have to make their way to school barefoot. But whatever kit you purchasewill surely bring a smile to many Filipino children.

There will be more to come,but for now, celebrate with NBS by accepting the Read Out Loud Challenge to spread the love for reading and help set up libraries nationwide. Time to bring your favorite lines to life! If you have the opportunity,take the challenge, read out loud!

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