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Merrell Partners with Miss Philippines Earth 2017 and the launching of the Merrell 1SIX8

 Merrell President Charles Yu

We all know that Merrell believes that nothing should get in the way of enjoying active outdoor adventures  so as we count down to the days before we crown the new Miss Philippines Earth, global outdoor brand Merrell promotes urban advocacies through a special campaign with Miss Philippines Earth delegates. The protection and preservation of the country’s eco-tourism industry is a mission the Miss Philippines Earth organization has always pursued. This year, Merrell continues to support the pageant’s pursuit of environmental sustainability through an effective promotion of urban advocacies meant to inspire others to do more for the cities and towns they live in, after all, any small action can inspire positive change.

So while we place betson our favorite candidate, let us also get to know some of the advocacies through these photos featuring the pretty strong delegates of Miss Philippines Earth:

1) Road Safety and Discipline
Let’s face it, Manila traffic is a number 1 stressor anyone has had the misfortune to experience. While we cannot magically wish for the roads to expand twice as big to accommodate all cars and pedestrians, Miss Olongapo candidate Kim De Guzman encourages discipline on the road to minimize traffic (and road rage!). Smoother rides and commutes can start with a disciplined partnership between walkers, bikers, and drivers, all the same. Begin with crossing on the proper lanes. Pedxings are not a pun, it’s a simplified version for pedestrian crossing so everyone can easily remember to cross it, for safety! As for riders and drivers, be mindful on the road, follow the signs, and respect fellow drivers and pedestrians to ensure no accidents happen while you drive.

2) Urban Gardening
Miss Dauin, Negros Oriental Cheysen Fabriquer Capuno

Most of us have probably seen videos online about how easy it is to grow small plants at the comfort of our homes, and many are inspired to try it out! As we go back to our roots with nature, Miss Dauin, Negros Oriental Cheysen Fabriquer Capuno is leading the charge towards sustainability with urban gardening. It may contribute with oxygen circulation in your home, keeping you refreshed in the midst of a polluted concrete jungle.  In addition, once you opt to do your own small garden, it might just brighten up your home as soon as you put more greens in your dwelling place!

3) Minimize use of Non-Biodegradable Materials
Miss Tayabas Lea Laano

Many of us are familiar with the cons that come with 
using plastics. Its ability to remain intact for hundreds of years without disintegration started at as a benefit for those seeking long-lasting use,  but soon enough, this ability turned out to be a flaw when plastics started clogging water ways and filling out dumps.  That’s why Miss Tayabas Lea Laano is encouraging us to use reusable objects instead of opting of disposable ones that litter the environment. A way to effectively practice this is by making it a habit! Use tumblers instead of one-use water bottles, stainless utensils instead of plastic spoons and fork, as well as cloth bags instead of plastic bags, and don’t forget to forego plastic straws! There’s so much to reuse just by simply looking around! So for Miss Florida, all we have to do is train ourselves to be mindful of our things and where it goes once we throw it away.

4) Creative Recycling
Everyone has memorizes the mantra of the 3Rs by heart, but not everyone is aware of the 5Rs that Miss Philippines Earth advocates for: reduce, reuse, recycle, re-think, and respect. Paranaque Sofia Jane Panapanaan is on a mission to make recycling more colourful and fun for everyone.  Instead of throwing things away, inspect first if you can “upcycle” it into crafts that can be enjoyed for a different purpose. Ever heard of keychains made from soft drink bottle caps or bags made used jeans? Those are items you may find in the market today, spreading awareness and making upcycling available for everyone.  

5) Healthy Lifestyle
Miss El Salvador City Elizabath Amahan

Being a beauty queen entails beauty, brains, and a fit physique, so Miss El Salvador City Elizabath Amahan is a strong advocate of healthy and active lifestyle. These days you may find more people walking on the streets to cover short distances and near destinations. Thanks to shoes made for comfortable walking such as the Merrell 1SIX8 AC+ and its Air Cushion+ heel,  more people are becoming open to the idea of walking and light workouts.  A simple day tour to your nearest local park can offer an opportunity to be active! Once you spot an outdoor park, don’t forget to have fun and you’re off to a healthier day! 

Just in time with the partnership it also release the newest addition to the Merrell collection, the 1SIX8 AC +.  Merrell first introduced the 1SIX8, its most fashionable and technologically-advanced lifestyle shoe to date, pairs immediately flew off the shelves. The new design and color ways were a refreshing addition to the hiking and performance shoes everyone was used to seeing with Merrell. So when the all-around, lifestyle shoe finally arrived, we were convinced that it’s more than a shoe, it is a lifestyle —ideal for a way of life grounded in the city and built to endure a day of urban adventures.

Honestly when I tried the 1SIX8 AC+, is more than a shoe, it is a mentality. The ISIX8 AC+ sports top-of-the-line materials and features such as premium fabrics and open-air mesh for breathability, FIT.ECO blended EVA contoured footbed with organic odor control, and EVA midsole for stability and comfort. Users are going to fall in love with the addition of the 1SIX AC+ equipped with the Air Cushion + technology that adds heel-to-toe comfort for effortless strolling around the city. Along with the shoe’s comfort and style, will equip the ladies to fulfill their advocacies without fail, 168 hours a week!

Available in the season’s colors and three different styles for women: lace, moccasins, and Mary Janes, these up-to-the-minute shoes are perfect for any urban adventure.

1SIX8 AC+ Lace

For a versatile athleisure look, the lace up version of the 1SIX8 AC+ will take you to new, amazing places!


Take your adventure anywhere with the easy on-off design of the MJ version of the 1SIX8 AC+. The straps give the shoe a fun and cute twist making it a must-have for any preppy or hang-out outfit.

1SIX8 AC+ Moc

For those looking for sleek kicks that are light and comfy enough to wear all day, every day, the Moc style is perfect for you. No matter where your next adventures take you, worry not about retying your laces or shoes slipping off, the 1SIX8 AC+ Moc has a snug fit for any city walk.
Merrell officers with the Miss Philippines Earth candidates (L-R): Merrell Associate James De Castro, Merrell Marketing Manager  Denice Lao, Miss El Salvador City Elizabath Amahan, Miss Dauin, Negros Oriental Cheysen Fabriquer Capuno, Miss Tayabas Lea Laano, Merrell President Charles Yu, Merrell Senior Concession and Merchandising Manager Charissa Aquino.

To know more about 1SIX8 and Merrell’s partnership with Miss Philippines Earth, visit Merrell Philippines on Facebook and follow @merrell_ph on Twitter and Instagram.

Merrell is available at Glorietta 3,  TriNoma, SM North Annex, Market! Market!, Robinson’s Place Manila, Festival Mall Alabang, SM City Dasmariñas, Marquee Mall Pampanga, Harbor Point Subic, SM City Cebu, SM Iloilo, SM City Davao, SM Lanang, Abreeza Mall Davao, Gaisano Mall Davao, Limketkai Mall, Centrio Mall, and selected specialty stores and department stores nationwide.

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