Friday, July 7, 2017


Glad to have a new restaurant around the vicinity of Quezon City where I live and very accessible whenever we treat our “balikbayan” relatives or new place to hangout with my friends. At least now we have other choices to consider and not the same restaurants that we used to go here in Quezon City..
Mr. Joni Cabrera, one of the owner shared the brief history of The Food Truck Manila QC

When it comes to food trip, I always consider the food, place and worth for your money . The place is nice with good ventilation to circulate in the whole place and well lighted. They have a original designed that the building is made of food trucks and they have plenty of seats that everyone will be accommodated to dine in. Also one of the important to consider is the parking and I am glad they have enough parking for their customers.

They have 32 food selections to choose from and here are some of the food that I was able to taste it. I am very sure you will love them too:

I really enjoyed  my first visit here at The Food Truck Manila QC and I will definitely go back to try their other food selections.

The Foodtruck Manila QC is located at 63 Kamias Road corner K-1 Street, Quezon City. They are open from 11AM to 2AM everyday.

Follow them in their facebook: The Food Truck Manila QC and IG: thefoodtruckmanilaqc

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