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PAMPERING WEEKEND AT THE Ooh La Lash!, Hey Sugar! and Nail a holics

Who does not need to pamper? Everyone need to pamper themselves once a week or after that busy day. It doesn’t matter if it is late evening, nighttime, or early morning. What is important is you have to take the time and the steps to pamper yourself. Treat yourself and love yourself. Here are some I did to pamper myself:

First I went to Ooh La Lash! This is my second time to put eyelash extention. The first one I had it from their other branch. If you want to feel beautiful everytime you wake up in the morning make the Ooh La Lash, the country’s most trusted lash extensions salon, shares the essential things you need to know to help you decide and finally go for that beautiful lashes you’ve been dreaming of!  Since applying false lashes everyday can prove to be a painstaking daily beauty episode (not to mention the messy glue application) opting for a safer, more convenient and more natural looking choice is definitely the wiser move!

Generally, I did not feel any pain during the process but it may be uncomfortable to some since they would have to close their eyes for almost an hour –But hey! As they say, “tiis ganda”. However, once you see the results – any feeling of discomfort goes away.  It would be best to consult the lash experts at Ooh La Lash to asses which kind of extensions are best for your lashes. Some might have thin lashes that may be too weak to carry a heavier extension.  I was also glad to know that all products and materials used by Ooh La Lash are FDA-approved and are safe and globally-accepted and all lash technicians are certified by TESDA.

Imagine while their putting my beautiful eyelashes the lash experts at Ooh La Lash sharing what preparations do I need to do before going to them:

  • First you have to inform the lash technician if you suffer with claustrophobia or have any neck problems. They are well-trained and capable of answering any concern you may have.
  • Make sure to cleanse your eyes and remove any eye makeup or product applied as it may interfere with the adhesives and may cause reaction.
  • Make sure you don’t have the following conditions: Conjunctivitis, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Styes, Alopecia, Blepharitis or if your are undergoing chemotherapy.
  • You cannot have eyelash extensions if you have had an eye operation/eye surgery within the last 6 months.
  • If you have scarring to the eye area, eyelash extension service should be performed 6 months after the scarred area has been healed.
  • Contact lenses cannot be worn before and directly after the eyelash extension service.
  • If you wear glasses, don’t forget to bring these with you so the lash technician can make sure there is room for your lashes to grow.

You’d be surprised to know that there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to lash extensions. At Ooh La Lash, you have the freedom to choose your curl, length and thickness. Go for Light and Natural (30-50 lashes)  for natural-looking lashes that would go unnoticed,  Classic  (51-85 lashes)  that’s has the perfect length and curl to add oomph to your everyday look,  Diva (86-130 lashes) for voluminous lashes with ultimate curl and length that scream va va voom! and Vixen (Unlimited lashes) for long and beaut-full lashes to die for. 

Lastly they also share how will I care my newly ‘vamped’ lashes?

  1. Avoid wetting your lashes.
  2. Avoid swimming or exposure to heat
  3. Do not apply oil-based creams and lotions on or around your eyes.
  4. Do not apply eye or lash makeup.
  5. Avoid eyelash tinting, perming or chemical eyelash treatments.
  6. Avoid sleeping on side or stomach.

  1. Avoid excessive exposure to heat or steam when swimming, showering or exercising.
  2. Avoid rubbing your eyes and do not pick or pull your extensions as it might pull off your natural lashes.
  3. Avoid using oil based makeup remover as it can weaken the adhesives and might cause your lashes to fall off fast.
  4. If you choose to wear mascara, strictly buy the water-based type.
  5. Do not use eyelash curlers.

The only ‘danger’ in getting lash extensions is that you will become addicted! After giving it a shot, it’s possible to want them all the time. Usually they are supposed to last three to four weeks and from there you can get them filled in.  Ooh La Lash also offers Special Lash Services that’s perfect for any type of extension you may have.

Finally made up your mind to get one? Get excellent last and brow services in a stylish and cozy way! Head onto Ooh La Lash’s newest branch at Unimart, Greenhills, San Juan at the Mezzanine Level and let their expert lash technicians do the magic! Visit for more details!

Then I went to Hey Sugar! Here I had my eyebrow threading and underarm waxing. It’s my first to have a eyebrow threading and I did not feel any hurt same thing when I had my underarm waxing. Learned from them that it is more healthy to have eyebrow threading than shaving or using other things to clean your eyebrow. I even bought their product to scrub by underarm since all their products made from organic, all-natural. So they also share the 5 reasons why you shoud go for organic beauty products and services:

1) Less health risks

As said before, most of the beauty products available in the market today contain a standard cocktail of chemicals, which do more harm your skin than good. This, combined with exposure to harmful pesticides and preservatives used on the food sold in supermarkets, can give rise to a number of diseases.

2) Lower exposure to allergens

The chemicals commonly used in beauty products, whether to strengthen its effects or extend shelf life, can cause skin irritation and trigger allergies, particularly for those with sensitive skin.
Organic products may seem less effective compared to their chemical counterparts, but are gentler on the skin and has no side effects.

3) Helps nourish your skin

Organic and all-natural beauty products are all plant-based. Meaning, the main ingredients used in these products come from directly from plants or parts of plants and come with nourishing power. In the same way that you are advised to eat your fruits and vegetables regularly to keep the rest of your body healthy, putting on all-natural products on the skin will definitely help supply it with much-needed vitamins and minerals to boost its health.

4) Better quality products

There’s a lot of effort and detail that goes into the production of an all-organic, product, if only because they want to encourage more people to see the benefits of going chemical-free.

5) (Almost) Painless Regimen

Waxing is arguably one of the most tedious and painful beauty regimens anyone has to go through, but through organic options—particularly sugar wax, which wraps thoroughly around the hair and allow for a cleaner pull, pain is greatly reduced.

This is where Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon comes in to save the day! Using only 100%naturally hypoallergenic sugar wax that minimizes side effects such as allergic reactions and chemical irritations caused by traditional wax— you get a gentler but no less effective way to keep your skin smooth and hair-free.

With its recent opening in the newly renovated Unimart in Greenhills Shopping Center – Hey Sugar keeps on sharing the “organic way of life” to more and more people in the Metro. Drop by Hey Sugar Unimart and expect a clean and inviting waxing haven and leave it all to the hands of expert aestheticians trained to deliver the best sugar waxing services.

Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon currently has 25 locations nationwide, including in UP Town Center, Festival Supermall, SM Bicutan, SM Sta. Rosa, SM Bacolod, SM Calamba, Harbor Point, and our newest branch Hey Sugar Unimart Greenhills. To know more, follow them on, and For bookings, contact:  0936-642-0530.

Last and final pamper I went to Nail a holics. Where I had my manicure, pedicure with nail art, foot SPA and foot massage.  I did not feel any hurt while removing my “ingroon” and I love their foot massage, feel relaxing. They also give me tips to extend the life of my manicure/pedicure:

  • Make sure your nails are moisturized before getting your manicure. Hydrated nail beds cause less nail breakage and chips.
  • Always use a base coat before painting colour on. This protects your nails from staining and also acts as a great adhesive for the polish ensuring lasting colour.
  • Apply thin coats of polish with every stroke. It dries quickly and doesn’t cause bubbles.
  • Wait a couple of minutes between each coat to make sure the nail polish adheres properly to its base.
  • A horizontal swipe across the tip of your nails after your final coat, along the edge, seals the colour in and protects your nails against chipping.
  • If you’re rushing, dip your tips in ice cold water to harden the nail polish quicker.
  • To extend the life (and shine) of your manicure, apply really thin coats of topcoat every other day.
  • Be sure to wear gloves while doing the dishes—water expands the nail bed and causes nail polish to chip.
  • Cuticle oil helps freshen up your manicure and moisturize your hand.
  • Be careful when applying skin care products. Certain types can cause nail polish to dull and discolour like sunscreen and mosquito repellents.

Make sure to keep in mind these very helpful insider tips from Nailaholics’ expert nail technicians or better yet, get them first-hand when you visit Nailaholics Unimart located at the Mezzanine Level of Unimart Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City. To book your appointments today, contact 0956-846-2352.

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