Sunday, September 3, 2017


Nice to be back here and this time to witness the new attraction here at Art in Island. brings media art through projection mapping and media fa├žade art combined here in the Philippines for the very first time!

It is very beautiful visuals recreated with light and art combined with stories inspired from the Bible’s Book of Genesis. Art in Island creates exciting projection mapped performances which are carefully wrapped around Art I Island’s 30-feet tall panoramic 3D paintings. This can be view 5 times a day.
Art I Island is one of the biggest 3D art museums in Asia where you can freely interact with paintings of different concepts. The museum has 11 different zones where you can be creative and have fun with its interactive contents. The goal of Art in Island is to make known  works of art more accessible and appealing to a wider audience through the use of optical illusion and 3D paintings of famous works and scenes that tickle the imagination of the viewer. Unlike traditional museums where visitors are mere spectators and photography strictly prohibited, Art in Island lives by the maximm “Be Part of Art.”
Mr. Yun Jae Kyoung, Art in Island CEO

They encourage their guests to create fond memories of their visit by creatively participating with the 3D artworks through their own distinctive poses. The optical illusions also give visitors insights about the unique ways our eyes perceive the world and the curious methods our minds process optical information.

Everything in Art in Island are interactive artworks so you can be a part of the art. The good things about illusion art is that it is not only for seeing or for taking pictures. You have to be in there and be part of the painting to complete the art. The effect of the paintings when taken from the camera is different from simply viewing them. The paintings become real and it is like you are actually in them. In Art in Island, the walls and even the floors are painted som you can really be a part in the paintings.

Here’s are the attractions at the Art in Island:

OPTICAL ILLUSION ZONE and OBJECT ART ZONE give insight on the unique ways our eyes perceive the world.

Be part of your famous fantasy stories in the FANTASY ZONE or transform yourself into an angel and get a pair of big, majestic, white wings in the RELIGION ZONE.

Famous, timeless and classic works of art with a twist are featured in the MASTERPIECE ZONE.

Enjoy the 360 degree view of the 30 feet tall 3D paintings in the CENTRAL HALL or travel and see a glimpse of EUROPE’s beauty and wonders.

Interact with animals of various shapes and sizes in the ANIMAL ZONE or experience an underwater journey in AQUA ZONE.

Experience an all-year long winter and Christmas or fall in love in the WINTER and CHRISTMAS or LOVE ZONE.

Sharing the Museum Reminders:
  1. Before entering the museum, you will be asked to take off your shoes and deposit them at the counter. You’ll be in socks or barefooted while touring the museum.
  2. Make sure you look for the “Photo Paint” stickers on the floor when taking pictures. It will give you the best location to get the painting’s 3D effect.
  3. Flash is a big NO-NO! Using your camera’s flash when taking photos will affect the lighting and may change the painting’s appearance.
  4. Forget all those poses you always do when taking picture! Use your creativity and imagination to make the photo more amusing and memorable.
  5. No food and drinks allowed inside the museum.
  6. Bringing of pets is not allowed inside the museum.

With Mr. Kyoung
Visit the Art in Island at 175 15th Avenue, Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City with operating hours from Tuesdays to Sundays, 9:30Am to 9:30PM. For Inquiries and reservations call at (02) 421-1356 and follow their facebook: artinisland. 

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