Thursday, May 3, 2018

Avon Fashions celebrate the new definition of “Comfort Zone” for Every Woman

Agnieszka Isa, Executive Director for Commercial Marketing of Avon Philippines

Last week I was able to witness the beautiful fashion show where Avon Philippines unveils its newest collection of intimate apparel. Encouraging women to “Step Into Your Comfort Zone”. To live an authentic life, a woman must be true to herself first and take courage to pursue her passions. Avon supports women in embracing the importance of living a truthful life and being comfortable in your own skin.

Photo shows (from left): Wilma Doesnt, Hidilyn Diaz, Jennylyn Mercado and Tricia Centenera

Avon Fashions disrupts the meaning of “comfort zone” from being one’s safe place and redefines it as the place where every woman’s true passions and purpose begin. To celebrate this theme, Avon Fashions turns the spotlight on five inspiring Filipinas who have boldly defined their own success and found purpose in their cause ------ Filipina supermodel and actress Wilma Doesnt tells all about finding her niche in modeling and how she inspires women to live life despite the judgment they might face. Actress Alice Dixson defines “living life in your own terms,” as she shares her thoughts on defining her own pace and the importance of staying in your element. Host Tricia Centenera talks about bouncing back from a failed marriage and how she was able to create a new and fulfilling life for herself after. Weightlifter and Olympic Silver Medalist Hidilyn Diaz shares the struggles of being a woman in her sport and the hindrances she faced before achieving glory. Actress and single mom Jennylyn Mercado candidly speaks about the hardships of raising a child alone and finding comfort in taking on multiple roles in life. She says, “I believe that all women deserve to enjoy who they truly are, because no one else can define that for us.”

Step into the comfort zone of what fills your heart is Avon Fashion’s bold invitation and with a range of intimate apparel that provides women with the stylish comfort they deserve, women can easily focus on the things that truly matter. Each bra is designed with the Filipina body in mind, ensuring that it fits her body not just flawlessly but comfortably. Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel now calls on all women to confidently walk the path they’ve always wanted to walk, to play the role they’ve always wanted to play, and to ultimately define their own success.

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