Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Looking for a skin clinic that make you feel confident and satistified. Why not try Dermstrata Skin Clinic and SPA? I highly recommend this skin clinic because of their exceptional services, their staff are very knowledgeable of their services and they know what to recommend what really the client needed.

Everytime I need to pampered my skin, I love to go to Dermstrata and avail their facial treatment. I really like their procedures of skin treatment for the face which includes the completer with vacuum, hi-FQ laser, eye treatment, steam exfoliation, facial mask and massage.

Last week, I was able to attend Dermstrata’s Blogger Conference where they discussed their new promos and discounts. Here’s the video highlights, https://www.facebook.com/dermstrata/videos/1755958951126718/

Here I was able also to meet their brand ambassador, Mr. Kim.

Visit any Dermstrata Skin Clinic and Spa today and avail their promos. Or follow their facebook, twitter or visit www.dermstrata.com.ph

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