Friday, October 26, 2018


Last October 23, 2018, I was able to attend the Beauty Professional Philippines Exhibit and I enjoyed visiting the different beauty brands booth which I was able to try and get samples of their products. I had a chance to attend  their seminars where I learned regarding hairstyles. Also witnessed their Nail Art Competition, which BlueSky is one of its sponsors. The BlueSky nail polish, with its full range of gel colour polishes that includes various textures, glitters, colour changing and classical ranges.

Just to give an overview, Binondo Beauty Supply (BBS) is a one-stop shop in the country, where beauty is a priority. The products they offer are created putting beauty enthusiasts in mind, and is striving to provide beauty to women anywhere at anytime. A shop where everything salon, nail, and spa businesses, beauty equipment, tools, accessories and consumables that cater and is made available for the public’s thriving beauty and wellness needs.

In Binondo Beauty Supply, they focus on proving beauty not only as a statement but as an art in the body, equipping you with the information you need to know in the beauty industry. It gives you the leverage that their products are easy to use and apply; BBS aims to provide good comfort for both the beautician and their clienteles as they aim for growth and innovation of beauty products in the market.

Binondo Beauty Supply with its main product: BlueSky Nail Polish offers a professional beauty experience organized by Asia Trade Exposition SdnBhd and Asia Events Specialists Inc., in partnership with The Concept Workshop have its highly-awaited Beauty Professional Philippines Exhibit.

The BlueSky nail polish is unique with its ergonomic shape, designs and formulation. Its nail products are made for a wide range of market, with their tagline “Long Lasting Relationships” that aims to build relationships and connections of its clienteles and their patrons, for a longer span of time, catering the nail polish needs of their customers, from the colour of their polishes, the polish type they choose, taking into account the quality products and results they offer.

The exhibit targets up and coming beauty and hairstyle professionals, for them to hone their exceptional talents and skills, by providing trainings, as well as exhibits from both the local and international beauty care specialists and brands, and as well as to give updates on the latest trends in the beauty industry.

For more information visit their website: and for your beauty needs, you can  contact  their  Mobile Number: 09179264058. Follow their facebook account: And Official hashtags: #OneStopShop #BBS

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