Monday, October 8, 2018

Mega Tuna launches its Sarap ng TUNAy with the Mega Barkada vlogs

Everytime I am invited by Mega Global, the makers of Mega tuna, sardines and prime products, I’m always excited and looking forward to it. Just like when they launched the Mega Tuna Sarap ng TUNAy with their newest ambassadors, I really enjoyed their activities and the ambiance of Nautilus Rooftop Bar at the Prime Hotel. Quezon City.

Mr. Marvin Tiu Lim, Mega Global VP for Sales and Marketing
During the event, I was able to learned that their tuna brand is something to be proud of because it’s a Filipino made with 100% pure tuna which contains no extenders and most importantly tuna offering the delicious taste that Filipinos love. With Mega Tuna, you can live life fully without worrying about what you eat. And with 100% tuna, you’ll be sure to only have 100% pure experiences.

The new Mega Barkada is the most followed online personalities in the Philippines made up of Deegee Razon, Ronan Domingo, Melissa Gohing, and Baninay Bautista. Their the best who truly represents the mega tuna brand with a spirit of adventure and fun, exploring new things and learning from each other, while always staying true to themselves. Also they represent youthful, dynamic, and brimming with fresh ideas.

Thanks to their partnership with Mega Global, the MegaBarkada says they have become better consumers. Speaking for the group, Baninay says:  “Mega has taught us what being authentic is all about. Our togetherness has made us appreciate each other, at parati kaming tunay sa isa’t isa. Ganun din pagdating sa Mega Tuna. I now know that pag pure ang ingredients at walang halong fake, you won’t go wrong with its quality and taste.”

The Mega Barkada will be launching two webisodes:
  • The first webisode is an advice vlog which answers the question "Anong Bes Mega Moves Mo kapag nandyan si crush?" In this vlog, the four pals help each other in catching the attention of their respective crushes, making use of gimmicks and ninja moves to help each other get close to the object of their attention.
  • The second webisode is a cook-off challenge vlog that pits the MegaBarkada members as they come up with the best tuna meal using pre-selected ingredients. Since Mega Tuna uses premium ingredients without extenders, the Mega Barkada easily whips up flavorful dishes.
Lastly, Mega Tuna comes in 4 variants:
  1. Mega Tuna Flakes in Oil
  2. Hot and Spicy
  3. Sweet and Spicy
  4. Spanish-Style
*All variants are available in supermarkets nationwide.

For more information, please visit the website and Facebook page Sarap ng TUNAy webisodes will also be available on the Facebook for sharing!

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