Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Philippine Heart Association (PHA) Health Forum on Heart Month 2019: My Heart, Your Heart

When was the last time you visit your cardiologist? The PHA is here to continue to expand the medical knowledge of the field and other concerns about heart disease to the public. Their here to prevent the cardiovascular diseases. I am very happy that I was able to attend this health forum and thru the speaker-panelists I learned a lot from them that I would like also to share with my readers:

The PHA officers and Speaker-Panelists (from left): Dr. Nannette R. Rey, PHA President, Dr. Eric C. Sison, chair, PHA Council on Cardiac Catheterization, Dr. Ronald E. Cuyco, PHA Director/Advocacy Committe chair and Dr. Aurelia A. Leus, Vice President, PHA chair, Hearth Month 2019

The most important on this health forum is the education on healthy lifestyle-52100 which is 5 servings of fruits and vegestables, not more than 2 hours of screentime/not more than 2 grams of added salt; 1 hour of physical activity, 0 sugared beverages and 0 smoking, Prevention is better than a pound of cure. Also the Sneakers Friday, wear sneakers/rubber shoes to walk more, ride less. Start the habit on a Friday and do it more often.

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Lastly, you can save the victim from hearth attack thru CPR and here are the 3 C's that you should know when the victim having a cardiac arrest:

1) Check the scene and responsiveness of the victim
2) Call for help
3) Compress - do the hands-only CPR

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