Friday, March 1, 2019

Gulu Gulu is now in the Philippines

Everyone I know they like milk tea and takoyaki so much. Honestly, I don’t drink milk tea but when I taste the Gulu Gulu milk tea I began to like it. Their takoyaki is also different because of the toppings which is with the pork floss or tuna floss.

Gulu Gulu Officers

I would like also to share how Gulu Gulu started, Mr. Guo Weixiong, a Guangzhou-born man, had in1997. The dream was simple - he wanted to spread the Guanzhou tea culture in his own country with the help of his Taiwanese friends. And he discovered that young people love to eat while walking. Since then, he spent his time researching on the eating habits of the young ones, even until midnight.

Until one night, he found himself hungry. He then took a milk tea and as he gulped, he heard a lovely sound of "Gülü gülü". This sound made him feel excited. With his dream in mind, he decided to create a food brand that belongs to him and also belongs to young people. Thus, this brand of milk tea and octopus balls, Gülü gülü was born.

Since its opening in 1997, the footprints have been spread across 15 provinces across the country. More than 50 cities, with many outstanding employees and more than 500 chain stores.The tea culture has now reached the Philippines. Gülü gülü's first store in the Philippines is located at Savemore Nagtahan, Santa Mesa, Manila.

Yes, milk tea shops and takoyaki (octopus balls) stores have been popping out like mushrooms everywhere here in the Philippines, but Gülü gülü is now here to set the difference and you will taste the difference! Spread the good news and they have other drinks that they serve not only milk tea.

Don't miss to visit Gulu Gulu and you can see the difference!

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