Thursday, March 14, 2019


Pure Magic: The Brightest night of the year yet.

Wilkins Pure is one party essential you must not forget and while partying can be pure fun, it can also take out of you. Dancing all night, toasting to the good times, munching on party chow, and catching up and laughing with friends old and new do add up to a roaring good time, and the good energy and adrenaline can make you feel invincible.  But you’re expending energy and taking in toxins.  Constant hydration is the key to dancing till dawn and keeping yourself nice and ready for a whole night of partying. 

But it’s not just for partying nights, Wilkins Pure keeps you fresh, well-hydrated and flushes out whatever toxins you may ingest, so that you’ve got the fuel to dance all night (or even longer)!  While all waters might be clear, not all are pure.  So not all waters can deliver the same quality of hydration. On your down time, if you’re chilling with chips or after a workout, pure water will flush out the toxins and replenish what you’ve lost.

Here are some of the celebrities who attended the party: 

Wilkins Pure Star of the night, Kim Chiu

Maris Racal

Kristel Fulgar
Marco Gallo
Philippe Magalona
Sofia Andres
Enchong Dee
Zanjoe Marudo
Sue Ramirez
Kisses Delavin

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