Sunday, May 5, 2019


Saturday hot afternoon and happy summer with filled with fun, music, summer food carts, drinks and shakes, lawn games and prizes held at Fashion Art. What made me enjoyed here is eating cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream and join to their games with prizes. But the highlight of this afternoon is Happy Andrada, the Fashion Designer launched her Spring/Summer 2020 Bridal robe collection. The event partners are Marriott Manila, Keds, Happy Consultants Manila, Fresh Space Manila, Happy island, Darrel Pobre Photography, Nio Manzano, IDr Lorenz Valencia, Moxie Shoes.
With the Fashion Designer, Happy Andrada
Happy Andrada, the fashion designer studied fashion courses at Central Saint Martins in London. She has won several awards including National Commission of Culture and Arts Ani Ng Dangal in Visual Art 2018, International Artist of the Year 2017 in the International Fashion Art Biennale, Seoul, Korea, she won two major awards in the 3rd Asian Weddings and Arts Competition in Hong Kong and Miami Fashion Week International Emerging Designer; She was awarded lnspiring Young Entrepreneur by Go Negosyo. A world-class designer, Happy Andrada showcased her design talents in the London Fashion Week; Paris Fashion Week; Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam; Arts and Fashion Week Toronto Canada. Known for her unique, complex detailing, masterful use of fabric and her groundbreaking style. Making every design her masterpiece. She is a perennial show stopper since her first fashion show. To date, she has had scores of fashion Shows, Balancing Vision and wearability, Happy is gaining a steady following of loyal customers who spread the word on how she helps them look their best on their big day.

Happy Andrada collection inspired by summer and named after travel destinations, these one of a kind creations are delicately made with French Lace to silky satin, with a selection of full length robes to a timeless cocktail style or even a bold jumpsuit. Colored in this season’s ice cream pastels, subtle brights, delicate jewel toned, the robes are sprinkled with Swarovski crystal and embellished details for a standout style. This collection celebrates the beauty of women of any body shape and individual style to look and feel beautiful while dressed in these luxe robes; whether it may be for a wedding, a debut or for any everyday occasion. These pieces are unmissable for women that are looking to be the best-dressed all year round, for a wedding as a guest or a bridesmaid, during a black-tie event or even a fun party with friends. Each and every single creation is intricately made and meant to stun and captivate. You’ll certainly end up falling in love with all of them! Aside from dressing robes, Happy Andrada offers a wide array of customized outfits for clients for any occasion; from brides, to debutantes, to suits and even corporate uniforms.

Happy Andrada Spring /Summer 2020 Bridal Dressing Robe collection is now available at and also Fashion Art Boutique is located at 24 KD corner K1st Kamuning Quezon City.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Between Maybes the first ever team up of Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto

Presscon of Between Maybes

Why should I watch the movie, Between Maybes? Aside that Gerald Anderson is my favorite actor or Japan is my favorite destination. I am very excited to see for the first time on the big screen that Gerald Anderson is paired up with Julia Barretto. Also I can relate to the story since I love to travel and I experienced the role of Julia Barreto.
The stars of Between Maybes, Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson
In Between Maybes, the story about two people who found peace in the most unlikeliest places: in each other’s company. The two actors underwent through a series of workshops with Laxamana and shot the majority of the film on location in Japan during the bloom of the Sakura trees. Although Saga is a quiet prefecture with a small population, the serene nature of the place lends another layer to the story of Hazel and Louie. Filmmaker Jason Paul Laxamana wanted to create a story that reflected the serenity and calm nature of the location.

To give you a little glimpse of Between Maybes, Julia Barretto plays Hazel, an actress experiencing troubles in her career and not having control of her life. Feeling lost and wanting to escape, she books a random flight and eventually ends up in the secluded prefecture of Saga, Japan. There she finds an unexpected confidante in Louie (Gerald Anderson), who isolated himself after experiencing heartbreak from his family. The two develop a functional relationship. Hazel asks Louie to check on her as she’s not used to being on her own. While Louie finds Hazel’s company and noise amusing, as it’s a break from his simple world lacking human connection. Amidst the silence and isolation, Hazel and Louie find comfort in each other as they both needed it at that certain point in their lives. But knowing how far apart their worlds are, they can only hold on to the belief that some encounters are special because of how fleeting they are.

During the presscon both Anderson and Barretto give admiration to each other for their roles that they are portraying and they both had a profound connection to their characters. Julia’s recent trip to South America was a means to take a step back and recalibrate from her busy schedule while Gerald felt that isolation often feels like a good choice just to get away from his life, even if only for a while. The theme song is the brand new version of Rico Blanco’s hit song “Your Universe” is created specifically for the film by Acel, the original singer of Moonstar88.

With Julia Barretto
The movie will open in cinema nationwide starting May 15, just after election and the movie Avengers. This film offers to the audiences seeking for an escape might need a dose of refreshing take on fleeting romances and little moments that linger forever and  maybe it’s time to experience the beauty of Between Maybes. Directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, produced by Black Sheep Productions as their theatrical debut and is distributed by Star Cinema.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Natural Health Supplement, that helps us keep up with the world at present

Photo shows from left: Dr. Jaime Galveztan, Former Department of Health Secretary; Mr. Mark Lopez, President of Nutra Berde Inc.; Ms. Genebebs Hollesca, Pharmacist of Nutra Berde Inc. and Mr. Robi Domingo, host.

With the world today, people are very dependent with everything Instant, everything comes handy and everything is fast paced. Almost everything available in the market should be on-the-go and ready for easy access, remember how the regular cellular phones would work before? From making Phone Calls and sending Text Messages to the Cellular Phones with radios then games, camera, now the internet and the never ending improvement and with the new models released each month, if not each week, we can truly say that the people of today has changed. People are looking after products that are efficient, giving them more than what they want and providing them what they thought are not necessary and this need does not only apply with our need for gadgets and technology, there are Fastfood everywhere, Instant coffee, Instant noodles, bottled Juice and everything that we need everyday comes in an instant, 

Lucky for us people on-the-go Nutra Berde Inc. officially launched a product that can cope up with our modern fast paced lifestyle, a 4-in-1 All natural supplement that is not only affordable but is also guaranteed effective, BIOHERB is a natural supplement that helps deal with medical cases like Diabetes. BIOHERB is made with Ampalaya leaves, Banaba leaves, Camote leaves and Duhat leaves that are all known for their healing effects especially with Diabetes, but Bioherb is not only recommended for those already battling Diabetes, it will also be a very useful preventive supplemenet for those people that are most likely to develop it, Bioherb is also rich with Anti-oxidants that is also a great help when it comes to maintaining the body's overall health and for a fast metabolism, keeping us in shape. But cannot be taken alongside another supplement with a hypoglycemic effect and not intended for children.

                                                   Interview with Mr. Mark Lopez
 "We at Nutra Berde Inc. wants to provide Filipinos an all-natural way to manage diabetes. It is a disease that is a growing cause of morbidity in the country" Said Mark Lopez President of Nutra Berde Inc. said, Diabetes is undeniably one of the biggest cause of death in the country and every Filipino is deserving of a preventive medicine like Bioherb and just like the popular line in social media goes "Advance ako mag-isip" "advance thinking" should be applied to every aspect of our lives, we would'nt want to wait until we're sick before we take medications that is why there are varieties of vitamins and other medicines available in the market but a Natural option is now available in the market and as the saying would say "health is wealth" but I believe that to be healthy, does not mean to spend, we look for products that are inexpensive and impressively effective and a factor we all should consider when looking for medications is for a product to be "Natural" with all the preservatives there are in the food we eat, we can only try and be wise in choosing our allies, chosing only those that are Organic and Natural, as the Former Department of Health secretary Dr.Jaime Galveztan said, "What is nice about the effects of the Naturals (Bioherb), we have also shown in the laboratory that they can go so much, the difference is in the U.S., (Medicines are) Anti, kontra here, its about harmony, equilibrium, balance is restored. Once balance is restored with Ampalaya, Banaba, Duhat and Camote its already done, the body is already in balance in terms of blood sugar"

Truly, the world today is so much different from that in the past. Funny how things can change in a year and how things happen with a snap of a finger, with all these changes and with all the unwanted substances that gets into our body, we need help to cope up and keep us on the game and on-the-go to face our daily challenges, there are products within our reach that can do so, we only have to be wise in choosing which product can help us.

Take BIOHERB once day* or as recommended, with or after each meal and  available in Mercury Drug Stores and leading drug stores nationwide at Php11.00 (SRP) per 500mg tablet. Also follow BIOHERB facebook:

Monday, April 29, 2019


Jim Beam Highball brings in the festive feel of lights, live music by local indie bands, food pairing by select restaurants and fun activities last April 24 to 28 from 6pm until 12 midnight, with extended hours to 2AM on Friday and Saturday. With Insta-worthy d├ęcor, colorful lights and refreshing Jim Beam highballs that will amp up your summer nights in Metro Manila. The Jim Beam Highball Pop-Up takes over Globe Amphitheatre on High Street with games, music and an eye-catching and immersive 360 bar.

“The Jim Beam Highball Pop-Up Bar takes fun to another level as we give Manila more things to explore - from our specially crafted highball flavors to live music from local indie bands, games, and delicious food that everyone can enjoy!” enthuses Sally Lim, Senior Marketing Manager of Beam Suntory Southeast Asia.

Using our unique and patented draft machines, six different flavors of Jim Beam Highball are introduced for only P120 per glass! Groups can enjoy a special offer of Buy 3 and Get 1 Free which will be running throughout all five days of the event. Amidst the drinks, music, and food are fun booth games for chances to win free Jim Beam Highballs. Attendees are also able to learn how to make the iconic Jim Beam Highball themselves.

Paired with the refreshing highballs are dishes from the classic restaurants High Street, BGC is most known for: 205, Village Tavern, Nanbantei of Tokyo, and The Coconut Club, Allegria, and Torch. Of course, no chill session is complete without live music. Local indie bands Autotelic and Oh, Flamingo are performing live onstage:

Autotelic is an award-winning Filipino pop band known for their smooth vocals and dreamy yet lively melodies. Their debut album Papunta Pabalik recently earned platinum status by Universal Music Philippines after selling more than 15,000 copies. They have also been involved in Coca-Cola’s renowned music project Coke Studio Philippines.

Oh, Flamingo! is a Filipino indie band known for their catchy, genre-bending music and their energetic live performances. The band has made a name for themselves by playing in small gigs around the Metro as well as bigger music festivals like Fete de la Musique, Wanderland Festival, and the Mosaic Music Weekend in Singapore.

Jim Beam is best served in a Jim Beam Highball, a tall cocktail of Jim Beam Bourbon over ice, topped with soda, and finished with a squeeze of citrus! This concoction is the ultimate drink for our tropical climate - it is without equal as a noon-time tipple, an after-work refresher or a weekend party-starter! Follow Jim Beam on Facebook: and on Instagram: @JimBeamHighballPH. For more information on Beam Suntory, its brands, and its commitment to social responsibility, please visit and

All Filipino should unite of restoring vaccine confidence and safeguarding one’s health

Everyone of us should take part to help convincing the public to trust in vaccination. I can say that because of vaccination I’m still alive and throughout history, the development of vaccines has played a valuable role in protecting people and controlling potentially deadly infectious diseases like measles, polio, small pox, and diphtheria among others.

However, recent issues on vaccine hesitancy and a lack of awareness on the benefits of proper vaccination led to a decline in vaccine uptake. One result is the recent outbreak of measles in the country, with 28,362 measles cases having been reported since January this year, and 389 deaths caused by vaccine-preventable diseases.  

Photo shows DOH Undersecretary Dr. Eric Domingo (5th from left) ; Dr. Lulu Bravo (6th from left), Executive Director of the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination and Dr. Josefina Carlos (7th from left), former President of PIDSPI, after delivering their speech at the just-concluded forum entitled, “Vaccine Confidence in the Philippines, a Public Health Crisis.” Joining them are the event’s hosts as well as the members UP Manila’s Mu Sigma Phi Sorority, namely: Dr. Lilibeth Genuino, Meleeze Ongtauco, Mary Elise Severino, Maxene Carmela Sta. Maria and Aljina Carampel

Last April 26, I am glad I was invited to attend the forum that organized by Mu Sigma Phi Sorority, the first recognized medical sorority in Asia. Forum entitle, “Vaccine Confidence in the Philippines, a Public Health Crisis”. They reiterate the critical role of vaccines in preventing epidemic diseases and it was held at the Museum of a History of Ideas, University of the Philippines in Manila, was attended by various stakeholders composed of students, doctors, and healthcare workers.

The forum is part of Mu Sigma Phi’s service project called “ImMUnity: An Ounce of Prevention,” which advocates the importance of safeguarding one’s health through proper vaccination. It aims to support the Department of Health’s (DOH) thrust to restore public trust and confidence in the life-saving benefits of vaccination.

The forum also coincided with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) World Immunization Week.  The global initiative is dedicated to pushing for the collective action needed to ensure that every person is protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. This worldwide observance encourages multi-stakeholder efforts to continue increasing immunization coverage.

DOH Undersecretary and keynote speaker Dr. Eric Domingo discussed how crucial it is to disseminate correct knowledge on immunization. He also shared updates on how the government is improving access to vaccination for more Filipinos with the help of non-government organizations, medical societies, and the private sector. 

“Vaccine confidence is not an issue that can be addressed at an individual level. It is a multi-faceted issue and multiple stakeholders involved in immunization have a role to play,” said Dr. Domingo.3

Dr. Lulu Bravo, Executive Director of the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination (PFV) and Professor Emeritus at the University of the Philippines Manila - College of Medicine, led the lecture on restoring vaccine confidence and the importance of vaccination in health care and in mitigating epidemics.

“Public health authorities are calling for a greater understanding of vaccine hesitancy and outlining steps to address the factors which contribute to it, such as those related to complacency about vaccine-preventable diseases and the vaccines that can prevent them. Multi-stakeholder action is strongly needed to break these barriers and to reach out to diverse populations,” noted Dr. Bravo.

Joining the discussion were Dr. Sally Gatchalian, President of the Philippine Pediatric Society (PPS) and Past President of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of the Philippines (PIDSP), and Dr. Shelley Ann Dela Vega, President of the Philippine Foundation for Vaccination (PFV). In her presentation, Dr. Gatchalian highlighted the importance of vaccination for children.

“The government administers basic vaccines that are needed by children, particularly in those less than one year of age.4 Uptake of high quality vaccines should be increased to protect this most vulnerable group, and bring to light that vaccines are important, safe, and effective,” emphasized Dr. Gatchalian.

Mu Sigma Phi Sorority also reinforces the significance of an effective synergy among multiple stakeholders ranging from individuals and communities to health systems, governments, and public health leaders to be able to create a more resilient immunization system that will help build trust and sustain demand for immunization despite controversies that might arise, with the goal of preventing the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases and saving more lives. 

The forum also highlighted the launch of Mu Sigma Phi Sorority’s ImMUnity Mobile Application. It is a user-friendly app that features an immunization record and tracker, an information atlas of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and a notification system for vaccine recommendations. Another highlight of the event was the promotion of the #BalikTiwalaBalikBakuna Advocacy Campaign. ImMUnity is now on its 10th year and is continuing its crusade to restore and build on the success of many public health campaigns on vaccination.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Skechers Watches Accessorize Your Summer OOTDs

Nadine Lustre Wearing the Skechers Time Elegance in Rose Gold (P 3,795)

Do you consider your watch as your accessories?  If there’s one fashion gal who values this timeless style trick, it is this generation’s multimedia artist-- Nadine Lustre. And her go-to brand for watches? It is none other than Skechers. Since summer season now it calls for tons of social gatherings, which means more opportunities for you to be seen and be on the scene. Whether you are set to hit the hottest beach parties, spend amazing date nights with your beau or rock the club with your clique, your OOTDs should always be on-point. And one of the easiest ways to level up your look is by donning a stylish timepiece on your wrist.

Nadine Lustre is known for her creative mix of urban fashion sensibilities, chic femininity and wearable couture aesthetics when it comes to her personal style, it is no surprise that Nadine easily translates global fashion trends into relatable style ensembles worthy of media hype and Instagram likes. And one of her obsessions these days is the popular Rose Gold trend.

You can incorporate this unusual shade of pink into your outfits with Skechers Time’s Elegance in Rose Gold, like Nadine.  It’s metal strap and design effortlessly exude modern sophistication, perfect to complete your date night looks. Whether you’re rocking your mini dress with fringe details ensemble or your sleek white off-the-shoulder top and jeans combo, you can always embellish your outfit with this rose gold watch. What’s even cooler is you can choose from two shades of rose gold from the Skechers Time Summer Collection—one that’s veering more to gold shade (Elegance in Rose Gold), and  one that’s a little more pastel pink (Elegance in Rose Gold 2).
Elegance in Yellow Gold (P3695)
Another elegant metal timepiece that could be your ultimate summer accessory is the Elegance in Yellow Gold. If you’re more into classic looks with a modern twist, you might upgrade your little black dress look with this yellow gold wrist bling. Feminine and polished, the Elegance in Rose Gold and Yellow Gold metal-strapped watches easily combine a trendy yet classic and vibe into your look.

Photon in Black Gold (P2095)
Photon in White Gold (P2095)

Wanna be fashionably on time for all your beach activities this summer? Skechers Time’s rubber-strapped watch offerings are perfect for a more laidback yet fashionable look. Skechers Time’s Photon watches come in black or white rubber straps, both with gold-colored accents.  Photon’s sporty vibe is reminiscent of the athleisure trend these days. Just like Nadine, you can easily have that chill athleisure vibe by just accentuating any outfits with the Photon watch. The water resistance features can help you maximize your fun in beach parties, while its digital watch functions serve as your alarm, timer and a calendar in one. Indeed, Photon watches are ideal for you to manage your time this summer, especially with your jam-packed calendar filled with stylish events this season.
Derive in Black Gold (P1795)
Derive in White Gold (P1795)

If you’re in sleek, sporty feel into your ensembles, Skechers Time’s Derive is for you. Its slim and minimalist strap emanates chicness, while its all-around functions can have you fashionably ready for any summer events. Whether you’re stealing the scene in fashion events with this season’s co-ord style just like Nadine, or ballin’ at a club in your streetwear pieces or tailored suits—the Derive watch can make your overall look a little more modern and sharp. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this season’s bold and bright colors when it comes to your coordinates, suits and streetwear, because the toned down hues of Derive watches in black, white or gold can complement your get-up either way.

Just like Nadine, go all out with your personal style perfect for your well-curated Instagram feed this summer. Upgrade your OOTDs with fashionable timepieces from Skechers Time!

For more information on Skechers Time, visit, like and on Instagram @SkechersPH. 

Visit for more information on Bang Pineda’s collection.
Skechers Time is available online and at Glorietta 2, Trinoma, SM North Edsa The Annex, Ayala Malls Cloverleaf, Gateway Mall, Robinsons Galleria, Ayala Malls The 30th, SM East Ortigas, Market! Market!, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons Place Manila, Lucky Chinatown, Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall, SM Southmall, SM Bacoor, SM Dasmarinas, Robinsons General Trias, SM Lipa, Fairview Terraces, SM Fairview, SM Pampanga, Marquee Mall, SM Clark, Vista Mall Bataan, SM Cabanatuan, Robinsons Place Ilocos, Ayala Malls Legazpi, Ayala Center Cebu, SM City Cebu, SM Seaside Cebu, SM Bacolod, SM Iloilo, SM Davao, Abreeza Mall, Gaisano Mall of Davao, Limketkai Mall and Centrio Mall.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Coke Studio Summer Concert Season 2

Hosted by Ylona Garcia and Justin Quirino
Last April 25, 2019, I was able to attend the hottest and ultimate summer experience with the Coke Studio Summer Concert where every year we always think ways on how to make our vacay fresh, exciting, and special. This year it happened at the Mall of Asia Arena hosted by Ylona Garcia and Justin Qurino.

Ylona Garcia and Khalil Ramos
The Coke Studio Concert was a gift from Coca-Cola to everyone for the overwhelming love and support they received for the Coke Studio Season 2. Headlined by Coke Studio Season 2 artists, our summer became a wave ride of emotions and celebration from the variety of their lineup. Solo and collaborative performances were given by Sam Concepcion, Khalil Ramos, Quest, Patty Tiu, Ben & Ben, Kriesha Chu, Gab and John of Urbandub, Shanti Dope, Abra, IV of Spades, KZ Tandingan, Juan Miguel Severo, and

Coke Studio Season 2 is about Homecoming to our younger selves, homecoming to our roots and rich diversity. This is the time to look back on our first love, ups and downs, dreams, and self-discovery that ultimately ends up with coming home through our love for music.

Lastly, the Coke Studio Summer Concert not only gave us the ultimate summer experience from the production numbers, interactive and 360 degree OPM Concert Stage, it save us from not having a summer “ganap”, but it also saved us bucks because the admission and of course fun and entertainment was absolutely free for everyone to enjoy. Learn more at Coca-Cola Journey at and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.